5v5 PS4 Tournament! Help, Advice, and Sign-Up!

Hey there! First time setting something up like this and I think it will help to post here to get some advice and to reach people who might be interested in doing a small 5v5 tourney! Hopefully I won’t ramble on or post a giant wall of text. This is my first time setting something up like this and it is a new game so any advice will be greatly appreciated!

So, curious what people think the mode/map combination should be. Which one feels the most competitive? Should it be a best-of-3? Possibly each team chooses and then the third will be random?

If anyone has a team of 5 they would want to possibly play, send me a message as well. Curious how many people/groups would be interested in something like this!

Thanks for reading!

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I have a three teams already and would love to have more in to try this out!

Draconic Esports would love to join the tournament. We have a team of 5 all set. We were thinking best of 3 would be Paradise, Overgrowth then Outback. Bestof 5 would be paradise, OZvergrowth, Outback, Coldsnap then Echelon.

Incursion is by far the most competitive mode, Meltdown is just a big deathmatch with minions/lanes and Capture is mostly point-to-point running, to win on Incursion you need to have strategy and team synergy to back it up and you play more for the late-game then early slaying. Maybe three matches, one on each map then random for the third match if it’s a 1-1 tie?

I am having people tell me that Incursion would be the best to go with, but all I see it as is for the late game, and that’s even if anything happens. I might just have the teams play a best-of-3 doing each game mode. Just to see how they play out and what can happen, though I doubt that Capture will ever be more than pure PvP stomping. But who knows, only way is to test it an see.

Sweet! Another team to add to the small roster, hopefully I get more and can get something going later today but we will have to see and keep in touch.
It will be a best-of-3 and I was thinking those maps as well. Might just have the maps set and, if this goes well, have teams pick them in later tourney’s.

I know a couple of other teams that may want to join. Already sent them a message. When were you thinking of having it?

Would depend when the other teams are able to, I’ll get in contact with the others that have messaged me. Would like to have it tonight or even sooner, depending when I can get in contact. Once I have a bit more info I will set in stone times.

Today? That isnt a lot of time to get prepared at all. I know my team wont be on until tonight around 10pm Central time.

You can play for an early game rush in Incursion but it’s high-risk-high-reward and my late game team wins almost every time against rushers, there’s little that you can do against Kleese-ISIC or well geared Montana-Miko combinations late game. I had a tough game a few nights ago against a full team who tried to rush early, we held out while they controlled mid for most of the game then killed four of them and pushed hard for their first sentry. They fought back and had three of us down and mid thralls when they surrendered, not really sure why they gave up at that point but when I messaged them “Good game” two replied the same and two others got salty over it criticising our tactics >.< It’s the smart way to play but a lot of people don’t like it when their rush fails and they’re held off then slowly driven back late game… :confused:

Like I said, I would like to but I am sure it won’t happen. But first I should make sure I can get 8 full teams together. Then I can set up dates.

Sounds good. PSN is : SeamanXanthos if you want to throw me in to a group chat with the other tournament guys

That is the problem with Incursion right now is its too easy to turtle. Of course there should be this back and forth but the team that controls mid for most of the game should win due to more shard collection and better Thrall control.

Incursion is by far the least competitive mode. Meltdown has huge importance in controlling each lane plus team-fights. Capture is absolutely huge in learning team-fights. Incursion is a sinlge lane where whoever controls middle should win but usually doesnt due to how easy camping is. Incursion in general needs to be changed.

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I disagree with this. What would be the point of having a late-game team otherwise? By what you’re suggesting a game of Incursion could be decided in the opening five minutes or so based on whoever controls the mid turret and captures mid thralls, this would drastically reduce the versatility of the 25 characters that we currently have and completely remove the need for a tank. “Turtling” as it is derogatorily referred to is a viable strategy where you play a tanky team and stall the enemy advance long enough to level up and activate the appropriate gear for a final push, Battleborn is an objective based game with slow TTK so simply rushing in with slayers and killing the enemy or controlling a zone shouldn’t be enough to determine the outcome of a match.

How does a one-lane game mode not encourage team fights? If you run out in the open on your own chances are you’re dead, the opposite could be said for Meltdown and Capture where you are encouraged to split into groups and are often forced to fight solo. Most Meltdown and Capture games turn into deathmatches and the winning team is usually the one with the most kills, that’s fine on CoD or other FPS games with high TTK but that’s hardly “competitive” in an objective-based slow TTK game, most times whichever team has the fastest and highest-DPS team wins on those modes. Every character and endless character combinations are viable on Incursion, team composition and synergy is key where there really are no tactics for the other two modes besides kill first and kill fast.

EDIT: As for “camping” this isn’t CoD where “camping” shows a lack of skill, this is a strategic game where sometimes “camping” or “turtling” is the best strategy. Call it what you will but it’s a late-game tactic and a lot of successful teams do it.

I was watching a few teams scrim last night on Twitch, all games went 30 minutes and were decided right at the end with a giant team fight and the winner was able to finally damage the other’s sentry. IT is very turtley in my opinion, even if they got a kill or two they couldn’t really push because of the wave clear teams had.

Team fights rarely happened, other than a Shane pull or nice snipe by a ranged character.

You are right about Capture, it is built to have the winning team have the most kills. Why? Because it is supposed to be revolving around winning team-fights.
Meltdown: You most def do NOT need the most kills to win this game. I have been on both sides, the team having most kills but losing and the team having a lesser amount of kills but winning. Kills give 3 points. A small minion gives 5 points. Minions are everything. Clear is everything.


I am not saying a late-game team comp should not be viable in this gamemode. I am saying that the gamemode promotes Camping. In every single competitive game, the team who controls a majority of the map should have the advantage, doesnt mean they will always win but they should have a higher percentage of winning due to map control.

Right now, that is not true at all. Overgrowth specifically needs to be changed because camping is prevalent and too easy to accomplish. A Late-game comp should work but the map/mode needs changing that the only thing a late-game comp can do is sit underneath Sentry and camp.

Hello everyone! I’m Draconic Leviathan (a teammate of Devyn/Xanthos). Just throwing in my two cents into the Incursion debate: In its current state, it is neither entertaining to watch nor play. Same reason golf doesn’t pull many views and doesn’t get showtime is the same reason this game wouldn’t if Incursion was overplayed.

You only need one clear character to destroy a wave (not to mention the lack of overshields on waves make it look like
the minions not making it to the turret is actually there by design funny enough. In a pubs match, you can push it. Because, frankly, the majority of people in pubs are going to be on a well lower skill level than yourself. But in a match where both teams are anywhere near a high skill level, the match is just going to drag on. And then the win gets decided by an arbitrary score than is only reflective of kills and assists. It’s just not fun for anyone involved when that happens, even if it’s intended as the primary game mode.

Exactly, I feel that Meltdown will be more action packed with all of the smaller nuisances that go on with keeping turrets up and shard control, while clearing waves and leveling. A kill in Meltdown can lead to a push of an entire wave where in Incursion, 1 death rarely leads to more than center map control (Which isn’t that much if the other team can clear well…)


I should also throw this into mention: When he uses the term camping, it is not meant as a “derogatory” term. Camping, turtling, call it what you will. It’s the same premise regardless. But in the current state of Incursion, it’s a snore fest. Yes, it’s the one game mode where late game characters are more viable than in the other modes. So it gives some variety in seeing character selections. But, other than that, you have so much cheesy stuff going on. For example, Marquis can literally sit at their supply station and hit YOUR sentry from 100% complete safety. The only counter is literally the same character. If there’s draft, for example, that becomes quite literally impossible.

Now, of course, most teams have just been making gentleman’s agreements not to do it, but when money’s on the line we all know there are those people who will scumbag you and do it anyway, turning the mode into a try to poke the small distant hitbox minigame.