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Have you played any competitive Meltdown matches? Not just Pub-Stomping? Metldown has the highest room for making playsand changing the entire match. It is exciting to watch from an audience view. Incursion is not exciting to watch. Why? Because of how easy it is to play defensively.

No, Map control is absolutely everything in ANY competitive game whether it be a FPS, MOBA, RTS. TTK has no difference in it at all. Map control gives more options. It should ALWAYS be the goal to have map control. Incursion does not promote that. Why? Because the things people obtain in the middle of the map are not important enough to have a great affect of whether or not there will be a winner.

Instead of Mid thralls, have a mob there that when killed gives the teams minions an overshield and damge buff to Sentry. Now Middle control is important to contest over.

vast majority of Meltdown games I have played were won by the team with the most kills and many teams completely ignore the objective altogether

In Pubs. Pubs don’t mean anything at the competitive level. If we are having a tournament, we should be assuming that, at least for the most part, the teams should be performing better than your average pubs and having some degree of understanding of the map. If they are, for example, pushing you off lane, there can be much more to it than just they are chasing a kill. If they have their clear in lane and you’re your teams clear, they just made that lane go in their favor unless you can clear from a much further distance.

obviously it’s efficient because it happens a lot

So false. Just because it works in a pubs match doesn’t mean it works in a competitive match.

This is true for fast-paced, high TTK games, but not for Battleborn. And why should it be?

This is also true for EVERY MOBA, for Halo, for basically every single game in all of existence that involves even the slightest hint of strategy to it. Map control means you’re getting your gear online quicker. It means you can buy turrets and they can’t. It means you can push the lane with Thralls if they’re being too passive. I mean, one small change could be them just giving Thralls a bit of a kamikaze option. Instead of just attacking the sentry, they could run up to it and sacrifice themselves to break shields and give you a chance to chip in some damage. But saying map control shouldn’t matter? That’s just plain out wrong.

I suppose some strategy could come out of Capture, given the leveling up minions in the back, but then it’s still based on map control. If anything, The middle point will be where most fighting happens with little on the sides as one tends to be closer to the base.

But this whole conversation is why I wanna try all three modes, do a best of 3 and see how it goes. I would even like to just have the teams play all three maps just to see how they all work, even if a team wins the first two and still play the third, but I doubt the losing team would try that hard. I would suggest a best of 5 but that would be a lot of time to commit for both teams, if they all go the distance that would be about 2 hours for that single best of 5.

I will be asking what the teams thing but I think the rotation would be Overgrowth, Paradise, and then Outback. Maybe letting the teams pick the specific map, since there is the Marquis cheese on Overgrowth, either we Ban Marquis or we choose the other map.


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I have played competitive Meltdown matches and the result was no different. I’m not one to brag about “Pub-stomping” but the mentality is the same between randoms and pre-mades. I also don’t find Meltdown to be fun to play or watch, I find it to be stagnant passed the halfway point and overall the mode does not provide me with any entertainment whatsoever. There are no real tactics to employ, as a gamer I prefer to think and strategise instead of just charge in and repeat the same one task for the duration of a game, kill minions kill enemies kill minions kill enemies… There’s nothing going on in Meltdown besides that repetition.

Well, apparently that’s just not the case with Incursion. The things obtained in the middle, thralls and shards mainly, are very important and do have a great impact on the game, but a fast character can dart in and out to steal shards and thralls and buy the turret while the enemy is occupied with your team’s false push to create a diversion and cover your sneak. Tactics over recklessness. Simply holding the middle position isn’t enough to capture the important mini-objectives. Map control shouldn’t ALWAYS be the only thing that’s important in determining the outcome of a match, and in Incursion it isn’t because strategy trumps reckless kill mentality every time.

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I believe 1 ban per team is alright. As well, the cheesing should be banned. As well as Aim Assist.

I could get behind that decision. I agree. As much as I may not like Incursion in its current state, it’s still likely to be considered one of the main modes. Playing all three seems like a fine idea to me. Perhaps finals only could be best of 5 and the rest all best of three?

So not false. I play competitive matches and my team strategy works just as well as against randoms. Obviously they put up more of a contest but the results are often the same.

Then explain why that’s not the case here? What does charging in headstrong and securing a few early kills have to do with strategy? How is that at all a strategy, that’s just a basic FPS mentality. Map control should matter to some degree, sure, like say controlling your defensive zone, but why should controlling the middle of the map be the main objective? In that case you may as well replace Incursion with a king of the hill type mode, and if there was such a mode then I’d change my strategy and team composition to suit that objective. But it’s not king of the hill and controlling the centre is not the main objective, it’s a mode where tactics win out against brute force and recklessness. This isn’t CoD.

I am going to agree to disagree here. I believe Meltdown is the better mode overall and Incursion has too much emphasis placed on Defense and not controlling the map. If you have a team headed in to the tournament, good luck to you and hopefully we meet on the field to see which team is better at defending Solus. :slight_smile:

This discussion has gone way off topic and we’re just spamming this post with nonsense lol. If you want to continue this debate by all means start a new thread and I’ll see you there, I’ve said my part but apparently we have different opinions so let’s agree to disagree and play whatever mode we like however we like.

Eh, I would like to stray away from a ban in this small tournament, but that can be decided amoungst the teams before hand, the structure of the entire thing.

Cheese: I wouldn’t mind banning Marquis on Overgrowth or we play the other map. Only because I don’t want any issue to arise where a team says another was cheese just because they lost. Or if a team was just shooting at it from a different point and it causes the other team to think they were cheesing.

Aim Assist: No real way to make sure this is off and I don’t really care if people use it. If anything, I have it off because it messes up my aiming more than it helps, haha.

No real official tournament will allow Aim Assist to be on. Its an Honor system. The problem is Aim Assist helps more characters than others. The thing is Kleese/Toby/Isic/Thorn, WF, many different characters can cheese the Sentry.


To this, I will agree. No sense in debating the modes in this thread. We all seem pretty much in agreement that it should be one of each mode regardless, so if the end result is the same I’d rather move on to the actual planning and getting enough teams involved.

Yeah. Unfortunately, the only thing that can be done about cheesing is gentleman’s agreements. If it’s stated as a rule, it is left up to a judge to determine whether or not that was the case, which can be hard to be sure on depending on angles of recorded footage. There’s little in the way of a definitive way to prove someone is cheesing. Even in game, it’s both possible that the sentry is just taking random damage or that you’re getting back doored and they aren’t appearing on the minimap.

Even if someone loses that match because of cheesing, chances are the enemy team cheesed because they’re not confident in their ability going forward so they’ll probably lose both the other matches. If the tournament was like a 10k prize pool, that’d be one thing. But for just a small one with limited resources, I’d say make it’s known that it’s discouraged, but don’t award losses for it.

Ahh okay, I see waht you mean now. I’ll make sure that is a thing everyone knows. Thanks!

And thanks to you three to the input! It did get a bit off topic but valid ideas for both game modes, aside from Capture, but I think the Three Maps will be the likely option. With a best-of-5 at the end.


Glad to be of service! If you’re on PSN, would you like to add us to stay in contact in regards to conveying details of the tournament later down? If so, my PSN is “FR_Leviathan”

Yea, the average person hits about 30% to 45% accuracy without AA, AA on allows that accuracy to range between 50% and 70% on average from the testing my team has done.

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Oh really? I have it hurt me more than it helps, especially when I am healing as Miko and I can’t change targets that easily, haha.

Hey there! Still in need of just a few more teams to help get things started and underway! Please message me on here or on PNS: nyarlaBROtep for more information! Thanks!

just looking for good players to join or make a team with, i main oscar mike, el dragon and rath (can use abra or miko if needed). i play incursion but willing to play other modes with a team. free to play whenever. overall player kills: 169 deaths: 55 best game: 31-0. my PSN: Semkage. willing to join a team as a pickup

@semkage I’ll add you to my solo pool.

To everyone else, please visit this forum for more info! [PS4] 5v5 tournament! Need Teams! Solo Players!