6/10 update, hidden (and annoying) change

I’ve been using the Algorithm for my super grindy lore (foxtrot 500 melee, Reynas pistol kills, etc). Geoff spawned unlimited minions in neat little packs. I can’t beleive they would make a change like this when so many people complain about Lore already. I get these arn’t the challenges people are upset about, but this just straight tacked on hours to characters I don’t really want to play. Oh well, what you going to do?

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just use swarmers,they’re usually faster

and like, 5 feet after geoff


Glad I got ISIC’s done already. His lore specifically calls for killing minion-bots.

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Yeah, it’ll be annoying for ISIC and El Dragon, since Geoff was the best way to farm those challenges.

Use the glitch in Voids Edge to spawn an unlimited amount of swarmers. All you have to do is get to the point where the sentry breaks through the door and jumps over the gap. Right before he jumps the gap, get a speed boost and race over to the bridge and beat him to it. You can jump straight across to the stairs if you have enough speed. This is how I’ve been making lore challenges for kleese and Reyna easier.


It’s not the only change they made, either. The configuration of the types and amounts of enemies that pop out of spawners (especially early on) is different. It’s… not a great set of changes. I will agree with you there.

That they keep tampering with PvE stuff that they really don’t need to is why I’m just letting Battleborn sit for the moment and playing other things. I’ll see how it is within the next few patches, and whether they destroy it or heal the damage they’ve done.

I’m hoping for the best, but I’m not particularly optimistic. Shame, I really loved this game. But sadly it’s the new Champions Online.

(Champions Online kept making bad balancing choices and unnecessary changes to missions just to make things more annoying, grindy, difficult, and unfun. And often the alterations to balance were in favour of PvP. There were those amongst the community telling them they’d kill their own game. They didn’t listen, and they did just that. They killed their own game. It’s a ghost town now, barely on life support.)

I wonder what it’s like working in a studio like Gearbox after you’ve had a few hits.

There’s definitely going to be a person wearing a suit and pointing at papers and yelling about something on the paper. So there’s that to deal with.

Usually there’s a “community lead” or somesuch who’s supposed to sort out who in the community actually has good ideas, and who are willing to help the game. But you also have to figure out which people you want to cater to. And because of this Overwatch horse **** there’s going to be an automatic disagreement over basic game mechanics.

So basically, they’re going to have a billion different voices all saying different things, and each voice is CONVINCED that it knows how to fix it. So I guess they get to play “pick a demo and please them well enough to keep the studio running”. I don’t envy them. Here’s hoping for the best.

Hi, fellow former Champions Online player. Remember City of Heroes? I liked that one too. Hrrrm.

I used to play a fair bit of City of Heroes back in the day. I took a break and went to go back and by that time they had shut the game down. :frowning:

I very much enjoyed CoH and CoV, im sad they are gone.

Only game that let you play a good hard control class besides DAoC.

Swarmers don’t count as minions, only as enemies, so for example El Dragóns Dragon splash can’t be done on swarmers.

if you need minions you just reestart algorithm, thats what i do.

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To be fair to Champions, they got bought by a Korean MMO company. The Korean houses are notorious for horribly grindy MMOs and huge monetization of FTP to make the grind more bearable. I quit champions shortly after the purchase was finalized before the changes started because I saw that coming.