6/14/16 Patch Feedback

Starting a topic here because I don’t see anything about the patch today on the forums yet, just the marketplace update. I assume something will eventually get up on the forums and if the mods want to merge this with that or whatever it is they can do (I don’t forum very well), feel free to.

Anyway, on to the feedback!

I’m glad to see the Thrall special attacks being bumped up on cooldown, especially the annoying knock up attack.

I’m hoping the Echelon changes will make that map see more play. I really like the map and actually prefer it to Overgrowth but the difficulty of getting shards was a real bummer. So I’m hoping these changes will fix that and I’m glad they moved the elite bot spawners as they were just in a ridiculously terrible spot before.

Sad to lose some shards from Overgrowth though and I’m really curious to see what changes they made to the supply room. I think I will like that change but need to play to see.

Really my only criticism is no character balancing in this patch. I’m personally of the belief that Alani’s DPS is too high and that Miko really needs some tweaking. I was playing as Montana last night with a Miko who knew his stuff and man, I was pretty much impossible to kill. Got to slap my butt a lot at people I wasted. Miko needs some tweaking, for reals GBX.

EDIT: I told you I didn’t know how to forum well. Here are the patch notes.

EDIT 2: If you want to talk about the marketplace update, go [here] (Battleborn Marketplace Update), patch feedback only here please.


I haven’t seen the changes yet that about all there is?

No, its not all there is. Here the full patch notes

EDIT: The OP included the link too! :heart:

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No problem.
I hope the toe-trap fixes are working, I hate to get stuck in environment parts…


The changes to overgrowth sound terrible. I’m really unimpressed with this update/patch… considering I can’t even play with the server issues here in Australia, it’s kind of hard to get excited over cleaning up geometry and adding a few extra shards on the ground :sob:

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I like the performance fixes though. A lot of people had issues with FPS drops and unplayable frame rates so they dropped the game (read in earlier threads when the game first came out). Guess they aren’t here to say anything about it but I know my FPS gets like a 60fps drop during some parts in game. Be it story or pvp… It’s kinda annoying so I’m happy that they fixed it.

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So, they’ve addressed most of the issues I’ve been upset about either directly or indirectly (buffing supply stations… addressing supply room damage on sentry… balancing shards on maps…the thralls: Called 'em)

I’ve gotten used to GBX’s patch system by now, small changes one at a time and then more down the road if needed, so these are all good steps in my mind.

Supply station buff indirectly hits miko and alani a bit, I still expect some more down the road to both, but they can certainly be tweaked in hot-fixes, so I understand making the healing change first and then patching them down the road.

Oh, and I seriously hope that the “toe traps” include some of the overhang spots that cause larger characters to bump their heads…

Now, the one glaring thing that’s driving me nuts: While the supply room change directly addresses “some” of the back-door issues in the game, they’re not addressing the glitch spot on the first sentry OR the faulty indicator that lets that “strategy” (god it’s hard to type that here) actually work in the first place.

And, we still don’t have a ranked queue or a competitive load-out list or restriction… I hope they know this is what’s holding the game back from having tournaments and being taken seriously competitively… if they’d just implement them we could actually get started.


3.6 GB download ? sweet lord, am I redownloading half the game. Why arent the maps called on server side so we dont have to redownload every map that has a simple change to it.

Other than that
Thrall changes are fine
Overgrowth shard change makes no sense to me. I feel you need those shards for bots and turrets to even have any interesting pushes.
Echelon definitely needed shards, we all knew that
I’m happy to see they cleaned up some collision
"Added some collision to prevent certain characters from getting into unintended locations." I hope I can still backdoor with my Isic hahaha

Boring update.

  • No lore changes
  • Alani still a 1-man wrecking crew
  • New cosmetics nowhere to be seen
  • No quick match option to pool remaining players together to improve search times
  • Microtransactions which they specifically said would only be in the app game


Why the hell are we receiving changes to a map no one bloody plays? Over, say, improving matchmaking times which is likely the biggest problem with this game.

These ‘Battleplans’ are starting to depress me.

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They are busy with making more shop items for cash :wink:


I like this thread, but I’d suggest specifically mentioning that this isn’t about microtransaction talk. There’s an entire thread for that and people will dredge it up eventually.

I’m really exited to see the fixes for the sumble-gaps and such. I play a lot of larger characters, so I get caught up on that stuff all the time.


Good advice, it’s done.

I honestly had no idea the supply stations gave a damage buff. [quote=“V0LUM3, post:8, topic:1513337”]
Now, the one glaring thing that’s driving me nuts: While the supply room change directly addresses “some” of the back-door issues in the game, they’re not addressing the glitch spot on the first sentry OR the faulty indicator that lets that “strategy” (god it’s hard to type that here) actually work in the first place.

Yeah, I’m hoping for more Sentry changes as well. In GBX’s defense, I haven’t had as many issues with backdooring lately. Although why is hard to say. I still think the Sentries are just not dangerous enough. It’s infuriating to run right by the Sentry’s face with an enemy Rath/Phoebe on my tail and the Sentry just sits there like a lump.

So people may start?

Sigh…not what I wanted to see. Glad to have some bug fixes, and super happy they are working on that stupid overgrowth cheese at the supply station. Hope that fixed it.

But where is the lore changes! Cmon guys! So many characters need their lore adjusted to be more in line with other characters and more “fair”. Disappointing.

But yea…performance fixes are always nice…if they work.

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I hate every single person running around whining about the marketplace right now…


Sooooo have they fixed the Voxis Core Legendary?? or have they refused and forgot about it for the last 2-3 weeks…WTF.

Pressing Escape from the Main Menu now exits the game instead of returning players to the title screen (PC).

Anyone else happy to see this? Since it is mostly QoL changes in the patch this is a highlight for someone who uses Esc to exit as much as I do.


I’m curious what you don’t like about the Overgrowth changes?

The sniper nest thing was a pretty big problem, the sentry could do some big damage to you before you left the nest when it happened.

The geometry added to prevent shooting the sentry is also good, as it means a team who has progressed that far can’t simply chill out and take pot shots from there, they still have to push waves, while the opposing team doesn’t have to waste all their time suicide diving the supply room, they can push out the incoming waves and try and get their own through.

I’d say the only change I’m worried about are the removed shards. I can guess which ones they are, which will unfortunately pretty drastically change the opening strategies on that map.

Otherwise, the rest of this week’s update is very welcome. It’s a good indicator that there are people at Gearbox listening to our feedback. While I feel like the order in which some problems are being tackled is perhaps not the best (I think, barring Echelon performance problems, most people would agree things like lore challenges or heavy duty character rebalancing ought to be a greater priority over fine tuning maps that are completely, if not optimally, functional), it is difficult to complain about the changes made.