+6 Blue Coms For Wilhelm?

It’s been a few years since I played as Wilhelm, so I’m giving him another go. I’m fairly clueless regarding coms (and build) as I can’t remember much.
My question is, which coms should I be on the lookout for?
I’m thinking badass ones along the lines of Ceo, Projection, Crapshooter, Blurred Trickster, Evil Monk and so on that I can try out.
From the list I’ve got my eye on a couple to test, such as Fighter and Howitzer. When I get to the 30s I was thinking Mauler, as I’ve got Flayers starting from there to use.

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According to someone more qualified in Wilhelm than myself, the Equalizer COM is one of his best.


Howitzer with +6 FS, +5 TS is great for explosive weapons (for mobbing at least)
Scorcher with +6 Suppression, +5 FS for incendiary non-laser weapons.
Blaster with +6 Laser Focus, +5 WttGS is the go to COM for lasers.

  • Suppressive Equalizer with +6 Suppression and +5 Rolling Thunder is your ultimate COM for Wolf if you like pet builds.

  • Siege Howitzer with +6 Targeting Scope and +5 Fire Support, amazing for explosive weapons such as Kaneda’s Laser, the Laser Disker or the Ravager.

  • Suppressive Scorcher with +6 in Suppression and +5 in Fire Support, very good for any incendiary weapons. Note that you’d prefer a purple one that boosts Laser Focus if you’re planning on using fire lasers.

  • High Tech Blaster with +6 in Laser Focus and +5 in Welcome to the Gun Show, extremely good for every laser in the game.

Also note that there are also amazing purple COMs such as the Savage Mauler for Jakobs shotguns or, as I mentioned, a purple Suppressive Scorcher if you want to use fire lasers.


Thank you all for your input.
Now the hard part… finding the coms!

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