6 (Reyna bot) vs 5 bug


6 vs 5 match


Go home Reyna, you’re drunk. You are not Deande. O_o
Never seen something like that happen.

Random guess: They might want to see the match-ID (found on the scoreboard of that match at the bottom).


This looks like a case for GBX-Support!

Could you add on which console you played (PC, PS4 or XB1) , I´d move the thread to the correct support-section then.

As @wrriddle said, it would also help to provide the match ID.

You can also open a support-ticket to mae them aware of this bug. Here the link
-> https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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The screenshots look like PC for me. :wink:


I had that happen with a Toby bot in an all-Ghalt 4v4 for fun. That poor Toby bot…

Was yours in a private match as well?

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