600+ Mb update Xbox 360?

I’ve been playing the Xbox one X version since it was released, today saw a largish update to the 360 version. anyone know what was updated? Worth looking at on the older version?

If it’s the backwards compatible 360 version on XB1(x), then I’m not sure. I’ve had a whole slew of updates on those titles over the last month or so. I’m pretty sure that’s all just stuff Microsoft is tweaking in the download.

Thx. It is the backwards compatible version. I just thought it strange there’d be any updates there since that had been silent for a p my time

I’ve seen pretty much every single b/c title in my library get an update recently, with no apparent difference in the actual games themselves. I’m wondering if this is MS future-proofing the downloads in anticipation of next year’s new console, since they’ve promised that all existing b/c titles would be playable on the new hardware. It was definitely weird seeing a FO3 update!