60FPS Gameplay Videos

Here are some of mine. All of these are supposed to be fun. I’m tired of OP8 and now I just want to casual it up with some funzies and music!

The Negative One:

Maya The Crush 2.0:


Bullet With A Name:


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[quote=“Spunky117, post:1, topic:142762”]
All of these are supposed to be fun. I’m tired of OP8 and now I just want to casual it up with some funzies and music![/quote]You make it sound like a bad thing :wink: These were fun, thanks!

You know how a lot of people are “YOU’RE NOT GOOD UNLESS IT’S OP8 RAGGARAGGARAGGA” :\

Added axton

You are no food it’s not OP8.

Edit: I am going to leave the android auto correct.

So let me get this straight. I need to play on OP8 to become food?!

switches to OP8 immediately

I know a lot of people like 72 because its nice to play at that level. I do. Play how you want, and videos are good to look at any level :smile:

ZOMG filthy lvl 72 casual!!!

J/k of course, Spunky your vids will always be loved.

And I wholeheartedly agree, 72 is where the fun is at. OP8 is a nice challenge, but it gets dull in time because you’ll only find yourself the same few percent of gear and builds that are actually viable, which kills the variety and in the long run the fun.
The game was never intended to be played at OP8 though, GBX even stated it would break the game, and OP8 should be seen as just that: a broken game mode that is tons of fun to test yourself or your group, but nothing more.


Second, thank you so very much for the kinds words and I wholeheartedly agree that OP8 just gets super stale after a while and 72 is where the fun is at.


Gaige added.

And finally sal, for now. If youtube lets me keep it. @Chuck80 You’ll like this one

Sal got taken down. Cause sony is being a major dick about copyright ■■■■ right now.

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That was a good one @Spunky117 :blush:

All that time playing Nisha in TPS and trying to deal with her ammo issues, it’s fun to look back to a time when things were simpler and bullets were infinite :smile:

it’s also apparently very easy to forget just how ridiculous Sal’s gameplay is. I mean, other VH are cool and all, but for sheer insanity, violence and over-the-top-ness… Between Sal and krieg… the rest all look like calm and collected well-mannered members of the landed gentry :grin:

Haha, you just need a claptrap with Gun Wizard on your team man! But I agree wholeheartedly about what you said.

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