60fps on normal ps4 or is only in ps4 pro

I have a question after the winter update are they going to change to 60fps in ps4. ?

Supposedly both, unless the steam said otherwise; i remember them saying both when they first announced it.

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for both xb1 and ps4 confirmed.

it was confirmed for ps4 and pro by a dev.

uhh i dont think it will run at 60 for regular ps4 or xbox1. no matter how much optimization you do for a game you can’t double the framerate on the same hardware. the pros power is what allows this

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it’s already been confirmed. you can’t have people playing on ps4 pro having something that regular ps4 would not have access to as it would give an unfair advantage. it’s already been brought up and answered by devs.

From what I gather it is for both PS4 and PS4Pro. But I can’t say for sure, but iirc, on the Pro 60 wouldn’t be allowed if the “regular” hardware couldn’t reach it in MP.

Yes, it will. The cap is at 30 currently to keep the framerate steady. Optimizations allow this cap to be reached.

OW is 60 fps on the OG ps4, why can’t BB be?

(EDIT: Click the link, it’s a Gearbox Dev confirming it)

kk neat. i had no idea that overwatch was 60 fps. didnt realize the ps4 was so powerful. sry :slight_smile:

ayy, no worries. ps4 is a very powerful machine. The most powerful of it’s generation.


Excuse you, combining 3 to 4 Wii Us easily beats a ps4


“The most powerful of its generation.”


…Except against hacking and D-DOS.


I loved the WiiU <3 Nintendo is my first love lol


Same but it’s the elephant in the room. I wish battleborn was on it. Would fix competition in my house

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lol yes. If Battleborn, Shantae and FF15 get ported to the Switch somehow, my ps4 wouldn’t see much use. xD

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Most other multiplayer shooters run at 60fps on both regular PS4 and XBox One. The fact that Battleborn didn’t was one of the (several) reasons a lot of people didn’t bother playing or sticking with it.