61 skill points?

Is this a glitch? After repeatedly restarting, saving, quitting, and closing bl3 on Steam, the Zane tree finally updated, but now the two updated skills have eaten up the points, and respec gives me 61 skill points.

Epic games?

I have the exact same thing…just got a patch from Epic. Also have 61 points.

Steam, as stated in my initial post.
I’ll capitalize it to make it more obvious. Apologies.

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It’s cool, I was skimming.

I do also have the exact same thing, though, on Epic.

Guess it’s not a platform, but a patch problem.

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Xbox here and I have 63 points. I removed all of my gear after logging in the first time, then logged out.

Logged in a different character, the logged my Zane back in. Respec’d and show the full amount of skill points. I hope it gets resolved for you.

Sadly, I called lost skill points as a possible feature of the new patch, but I thought it would be related to the new skill trees not these Zane “adjustments”.

I’m back to 63. Looks fixed.

it is fixed everything finally works on epic can confirm, can’t wait to end my work day and go back to m11

Gotta savequit first. It’s a result of them changing the Zane tree.

Worked a little differently for me on XB1. First time starting Zane up I saw the skill points removed and the skills swapped - I was wondering where those two points went as it was still showing 0 points to spend. Second time starting up saw the skill points available for assignment. Kind of weird, but the patch notes did say that players would need to save/quit and restart.

Is there anything required to “savequitting” beyond:
Start the game
Press “Play” with my Zane
Quit to Steam
Restart the game?

Hope the memory and sound optimization from this patch will help me not wait 2 whole minutes for the game to reach the menu

Savequitting usually just involves going back to the main menu and loading in the character again. At least that worked for me.

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Wonderful thanks!
I’m out of likes but you get a digital copy

That’s basically what I did, and it seemed to work.