64 bit Windows 10 and Classic Homeworld Versions

I am an old Homeworld lover, H1, H2, Cataclism. I want to buy the new remastered HW collection which supposedly includes the original CLASSIC VERSIONS of H1 and H2 with the purchase. However, my original old disks do not run in 64bit Win 10. Will the CLASSIC versions included with the Remastered HW clloection now run on 64 bit Win 10? If they will, I will buy the collection immediately. If not, maybe not, unlees or until the Remastered Version is patched to have working formations and tactics. Many of ny older game disks will not run in 64 bit Win 10, but I would LOVE to regain HW again.

I’m 99% sure they run fine on Win10x64? If you have ATI hardware, make sure to launch HW2C with -nopbuffer - as the drivers hate the game otherwise.

I asked for help before but no reply from a dev.

No, hw1 classic doesn’t work for me in the new hwrm pack. Just doesn’t load.

It’s ancient code rebuilt with a modern compiler - certainly there are some people for whom it may not work. If you have ATI hardware it could be driver weirdness, as it uses OpenGL 1.1 with some crazy extensions.

I just tested myself, and on my 64 bit win10 system both classics run without any problems. Any problems would thus be more specific than that. I have an intel CPU and an nvidia GPU.

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Strange, i updated from win 7 to win 10 and then the game wouldnt boot, the classics i mean. The remastered ones booted ok but classic stopped booting up for me. Maybe a reinstall would work i dunno i have uninstalled it anyhow for the time being as ssd was full and needed room for the new homeworld game by blackbird. I use latest nvidia drivers always. And always clean the old ones with DDU then put the new ones on fresh to avoid conflicts.

I’ve heard a fair number of stories of upgrades having some leftover problems that are cleared up by clean installs.My system was an upgrade, but from a pretty clean slate.

It’s pretty easy to break the classics if you mess with compatibility settings on the *.exes. Mine won’t run at all if I try to run as administrator, found that out the hard way while trying to make them run in widescreen without the camera being all wonky. lol