68-71 Sentry score, yet won!

This was a weird game… the sentry scores were tied 100-100 for 27 mins and we were winning by overall score… then the enemy team made a mighty push and brought our sentry down to 68 hp… with just seconds remaining we hard pushed and dropped their sentry to 71… thought we lost but the game pronounced us victors… i don’t think the overall score matters if the sentry scores aren’t tied or does it…

WTF. Have never seen this before.

That’s not right… Must be a glitch.

Been seeing this here and there lately

By any chance, did someone on your team bypass the first sentry and do damage on the last sentry? The only way I could see that happen is if the last sentry for the enemy team was at, say 49, and their first sentry was still at 22. Because their is damage to the their last sentry, your team is given the win.

Basically, the game at the end of a match that runs out of time runs a check,

  1. Compares the 2 last sentries (if same goes to)
  2. Compares the 2 first sentries (if same goes to)
  3. Average score of each team used to decide.
  4. Determines winner.

You have the match ID on your screen shot so Gearbox could easily take a quick peak to see if their is any type of bug.

Just a guess … but you know how you can keep fighting for a few seconds after the countdown hits zero?

What if the score was 72-71 when the timer hit 0 … so you win. But they keep blasting for those few extra seconds. The damage gets recorded, giving you a 68-71 final result, but the victory is still yours.

Actually our sentry was at 68 hp, and during the dying seconds we damaged their sentry from 100 to 71… My guess is that the blight field that i used did some last tick of damage, assuming the sentry takes damage from it.

i didn’t know we can damage the 2nd sentry without taking out the first… that’s interesting…