68M damage?! What’s the math?

Can someone explain the math? 68M damage on a Tediore throw crit. No, I did not cheat or use any glitches. This is legitimate play.

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For someone to even begin to explain the math, it seems like they’d need to know all the modifiers you have going on that could potentially affect the results.

In the video :roll_eyes:

It wasn’t you. That sixty eight mil happened after your throws ended. That was the damage of the Pack On His Back exploding. I’ll watch again to check. Note it’s not attached to the word Crit.

Also, your tediore is fire. That 68M is kinetic. Mindsweeper mines take the properties of the crit that caused them. Nothing you have would have created a kinetic except your grenade which I don’t recall being thrown in that window.

@Prismatic we have a number for pack explosions. 68M. That should make some of those Remnant numbers make sense.


That makes sense. I never saw a number come off an enemy from damage that wasn’t player dealt. Or, I just never paid attention to it.

I’ve had one of those tanks hit me hard enough to drop my health and shields and bypass the stopgap and laststand all at once.
If the game considered that explosion as your damage, like a barrel, it would have had your splash and other damage buffs carried over if so.

It may be a different damage type, sort of an implosion? The fact it bypasses healthgate would make more sence to be counted as player dealt

Sorry, looked like a screen cap. Didn’t see the play button.

I know for a fact that it was the pack on the back exploding, I’ve gotten damage up to ~200M on Mayhem 4. With Amara’s perk Ties That Bind, the explosion from the pack can wipe bosses like the Valkyrie Squad in the takedown in one cycle if you are lucky with the ad spawns.

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Yes sadly like others said, it’s the pack thing. Still not bad other damage numbers anywho!