6hrs farming Katagawa Jr and only 1 legendary class mod to show

So we all know they nerfed the Legendary drop rate but. I spent 6 or more hours during this so called “Loot Week” or whatever it is on Mayhem 3 normal mode and only 1 Legendary CM to show for it. This is insanity waiting for some something to drop for hours and hours farming the same old boss over and over expecting a drop but getting nothing, pure definition of insanity. I can’t enjoy this game anymore and never mind the class mods try getting a specific weapon variant, you’ll be there a month or more. As it stands I can’t bring myself to keep playing this game waiting for something that isn’t going to drop. This game will die if it keeps going this way, sad to say it’s no better than the Pre Sequel after the nerfs.

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Anthem 2.0

I think u just had really bad luck.Did u also try useing one of the loaded dice that -hp for even more luck on top of the 12% it gives.Dont know there cap.i have one that adds 12.some% and -75%hp for a unknown amout of added luck on top of the 14% from guardian rank i have so far.

When i was farming katagawa jr for class mods i got 1 at least every 4-5 kills .Wile other bosses didnt seem to drop there +loot guns at all i did fund some nice ones even got a corrosive infinity pistol and a lyuda from the warden.

Did you know you can kill him in less than half an hour if you aim at his head?

I respectfully disagree. The Nerf is STAGGERING. The Legendary drop rate is unbelievably low.


Guys I can melt him 5 mins or less flat. I’ve farmed him 100 times over since yesterday. 2 hrs in today and not a single legendary class mod yet between me and my friend playing and getting different loot piles to double the odds. It’s just all screwed up right now I’m getting nothing.

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Same thing here…Went between Kata and Agonizer for 2 hours with 3 other people wearing loaded dice and we got nothing…

But as soon as we farmed Graveward, we started getting legendaries…its like loot week doesn’t even matter


Farmed my ass off today, Kawasaki and the metal bobblehead.

One useless class mod for fl4k, I was playing moze. Probably 5 hrs on and off. I was getting aggravated getting no mods to drop.

Wish I had some of the luck some others seem to be getting. I was running a deathless with luck on it to boot.


I have farmed Katagawa and Pain & Terror probably 3 hours since yesterday with zero legendary mods to show for it. Also have luck +12 equipped and have +11% luck from Guardian Rank.

Either I’m in the worst drought I’ve ever had for legendaries or these bosses have terrible drop rates.

It’s honestly much better just farming Graveward or Tyreen instead; class mods show up fairly regularly for those two and I’ve gotten quick at defeating them.

Are people looking at sheer drops or just Legendary class mod drops? Cause I went nearly all day today on Katagawa on Amara and got three mods for Moze, one for Zane and three for Amara (none of them Phasezerker of course so I have to keep going anyways).

For awhile I was consistently getting one or two Legendaries dropping per run, then a few without any, then back to one again. Mostly repeat drops of things I already have or ones that I found aren’t so great, which is unfortunately quite a few. He did drop a Radiation Hex so that actually made farming him a bit faster.

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I only got one legendary drop total in 3 hrs and it wasn’t a mod. Was just overall really bad drop rate for me.

We finally got Graveward to drop a class mod before we got the supposed “increase Katagawa mod drop” to drop one. We’re offline now about to watch TV but this has to be broken. 1 class mod in 2 days of farming Mayhem 3 Katagawa Jr with a supposed “increase drop rate” we killed Graveward once and got one. Something is broken this whole game is a trainwreck in its current state.


For perspective - i farmed the Mindblerb guy in Meridian Metroplex 25+ times before he finally decided to drop the Nagata (since that thing got deleted when my bank got deleted).

Got a lucians call, 2 bitches, multiple class mods, a bunch of vendor trash leg. snipers, a cryo crossroad, 2 of his unique legendary and a number of kills where he just didnt drop anything at all.

Doesnt seem like dropchances are increased all that much.


Just go offline and farm then in the slot machine.

unless slot machine drop rates are better offline, you don’t even need to go offline.
I spent probably 1hour last night (out of pure interest that developed into a fun silly game) just repeatedly running the 3 cash slot machines in moxxis bar on sactuary (all of them excluding the eridium one) and noticed a few things.

  1. Unless I was lucky, (but I did spin these things for 1hour straight without stopping), you actually GAIN money not lose it, i started with 600k, ended up with 4million. (@ lvl 50 each play costs £28k, if you get 1x $sign you win 3 stacks of £8k, 2 x $sign you win 3 stacks of £26k, if you get 3x £sign you win 3 stacks of circa £348k… so over £1million …and each machine has a good chance of getting these!)
  2. Because after 10minutes I noticed the above was true, this drove me to play them for an hour out of interest. Throughout the 1hour I gained circa 2 x legendary weapons, 3 x legendary shields, x 3 legendary class mods, a load of skins and decorations of every rarerity, and also ended up with about 150 extra eridium. (machines also dish out eridium sometimes)
  3. I started winning so many items I ended up not even bothering picking up the white/green items, and filled bags with blues and vendored those, even that got tiresome at one point so opted to even leave blue items & only filled bag with purples or above.

this was all done whilst online, and without the luck charm thing equipped.
would love you to tell me the drop chance of legos is increased offline… I’ll be rolling in them!

Had the same feeling so i switched to Agonizer 9000. 2 Mods in 5 runs

I still didnt get any Class Mods yesterday, bunch of other legendary weapons, nades, and shields, no mods. I tried bringing it to Gearboxs attention on Facebook and they banned me dunno if its because I posted it in video form or what but they blocked for telling them about the issue so I wouldn’t hold my breath on them fixing anything. This game is absolutely broken and I see no hope in it’s current state it just isn’t fun.

15 runs on KV for his event legendary. Half of which with a loaded dice relic.

No event legendary. Kinda done. Pretty pointless event overall.

Made double sure to wait like a minute in the menu screen after starting the game as well.