7/21/16 Gear adjustments discussion

Wow… adjusting values is one thing, swapping out bonuses is another. Why are you guys so obsessed with making every-f/n-thing less useful?

“Oh no! That Legendary item is too practical! We have to do something about that!”

Thanks for Wrecking:

  • Lorrian Skill Spike
  • Mag Daemon
  • Vyn’s Quiver
  • The Stable Executioner
  • Vidanium Root Tea
  • Hemsworth Sparkleshield
  • Go-Go Juice
  • Alamo-7 Armor

Those are just The few pieces of gear I had acquired and actually found useful… Now they each have a worthless stat limiting their viability across the roster.

[U]Specifically regarding the Mag Daemon[/U]
That was an amazing adjustment to that piece of gear. Not only did it take me a month to aquire, but now it’s just another ‘not worth the cost’ piece of crap on the growing list of ‘mostly useless’ legendaries… AWESOME!

Great f/n job guys. I applaud your ability to gimp gear. It’s truly impressive. There’s nothing I hate more than useful hard to aquire loot drops. I prefer spending weeks to get get rare gear that I can look at but never actually use. Ya know, like a plastic trophy that looks valuable, but is actually only worth the equivalent of a lead plated gopher’s anus. Now That’s the Stuff Dreams are Made of!


I feel like I’d pay money to see that at freak show.

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I actually like the Vyn’s quiver now.

A slow every 10 seconds was not super reliable but the health regen is very practical imo.


Also my entire crit damage legendary loadout for Whiskey all had crit damage swapped for cc reduction.
Also rip boots of the brute - no longer has an attack speed proc.

It seems like they removed bonus attack damage, crit damage, and attack speed secondary bonuses from most of the gear. Half of them were replaced with CC reduction…

It’s so friken irritating…

so you should prolly find another legendary gear to use and stop complaining. it sooo many legendary items that a few tweaks shouldnt cause you to make an entire topic .


It sooo many Legendary effected. Breaks too many that I has and many other. So topic made for expression.

You shouldn’t posting in topic if you see it pointless. Don’t has better stuff to dos?

I personallyam completely fine with all of the changes and don’t mind that they’re different or worse than what they were if it means they’re balanced now.

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+1 Goes here

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Oh no they’re nerfing OP legendaries and buffing underwhelming ones! the horrorrrrrrrr


Sure, they’re “balanced” alright. But I personally would prefer them to balance gear out by making things equally great, instead of balancing gear by slowly making them equally garbage.

We don’t need more gear with CC reduction when they keep cutting CC effects to 1 sec durations. 0.07 seconds off a 1 sec stun is useless. So is 0.14 seconds off a 2 second slow.


Pre nerf footage


Nah a lot of the ones that got nerfed weren’t that bad.

Mag Daemon and Stable Executioner for instance, were only good if you were using both - though I don’t know if anyone even ever confirmed that they stacked their unique effects.

Heck I don’t even mind them replacing that unique effect with something else, it’s the broad change of adding CC reduction onto so many legendaries, those two included, that is silly.

It’s universally regarded as one of the most useless stats to have on gear. In fact I’d say it’s the most useless stat because alongside this Gearbox has decided to tone down CC effects across the board, mostly by dropping durations - making CC reduction even more useless.

Very few “underwhelming” legendaries got buffed, by the way. By and large, Legendary gear as a whole were nerfed. Personally I am in the camp that thinks gear, and by extension Legendary gear, are one of the more fun wrinkles in the metagame. What Gearbox has done is taken an iron to a large swathe of that wrinkle.


They can buff shiet legendaries without gimping the few decent ones they have. They are only OP if everything else is worthless.

There is an extensive list of “Legendaries” that aren’t worth the shards to power them. That list doesn’t need to get any longer.


This guy gets it.


They cant keep buffing Legendaries or they’ll blow Epics and Rares and Uncommons away. They have to keep the cost/power in line with other gear. This isnt a MMORPG where Legendaries gotta be the best and everyone brings three.
A lot of really great legendaries WILL be anchored down with a less than useful stat so there wont be a few universally dominate legendaries.

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The effects and bonuses on most legendaries don’t reflect the cost, ESPECIALLY since they are all RNG yet their cost is static. Currently, most legendaries are little more than novelties with only a few that are truly useful. Creating the very scenario your describing.

If their goal is to make them universally underwhelming, than they’re doing a great job. Making them harder to aquire, more costly, and less practical than uncommon, rares, or epics defeats the whole point of even having them. Twice the cost and half the value of an epic is ridiculous…

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Since characters are not universal different legendaries will appeal more or less to different characters. You’re mostly paying 1000 shards for a special AFFECT, and characters who lack such affects will find more value in it. The modernista for example, a battery with cooldown and max shield, but the affect of a 20% chance to reflect a bullet? Slap that on Kleese, or Reyna, or S+A, you will get some mileage out of that.

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I’m glad you brought up the Modernista, because that’s a good example of a universally effective Legendary. It has no “anchor” to reduce it’s viability. It can be used effectively with any character. Each of its stats and it’s effect work with anyone. Because it adds shields, the T3 effect even works with Eldrid.

You don’t need to add limiting effects to “balance” legendaries. If an Item is universally usful but they find it too effective, they can replace one universal stat for another. Unlike the Vidanium Root Tea which replaced health regen (Universally viable) for Heal power (limited usefulness). They could have changed it to Healing Recieved, cooldown reduction, or any other universal effect, but instead gimped it for most of the roster.

Besides, not every T3 effect is worth the thousand extra shards when the bonus stats are crap.

The Lorrian Skill Spike now gives +210 max health, where before it had a useless secondary stat, -recoil if I recall. How does adding the best stat increase in the game - mathematically speaking - ruin this item!?

The Go-Go Juice’s primary stat was buffed to be even higher than it was pre-nerf! 7%-2.80%-11.20%

As for the secondary stat changes, many legendaries had “unique” stat combinations, not that that’s a problem, but now many have been changed to reflect rpic gear of the same type and faction. The Oath of the Sustained for example used to have healing received as its secondary stat, that’s an Eldrid secondary on health regen gear, now it has attack damage to reflect being a Jennerit gear.

Yes it DOES, you just said so! The viability is reduced with the characters shield. The more shield and shield utility your character has the more viable it is, its effect scales ENTIRELY with how much shield you have, and even more with specifix helix’s that activate shield recharge or increase the regen