71 Chests and 1 Superkey?

OK, in this latest DLC, I have earned 71 chess and have one reward left to unlock.

In all that time, I have earned exactly one super key and visit to the extra vault room.


Does this match you guys experience? Or is my RNG just bad right now?

I mean once I unlock the last reward, not really sure what is compelling me to play…And the super keys with those wonderful rewards have been rather disappointing to say the least.

Best addition to the game I think are the constant buffs and The Company Man….and new shields.

New build possibilities galore…especially “loyalty builds” and the ability to make less playable gear…totally great!

Yeah didn’t had high hopes for the vault cards but now that i played a bit… The already abysmal hope i had for them is pretty much gone :sweat_smile:

Might as well farm for the items the old way :rofl:

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I think I didn’t get my first diamond key until around 50,60 chests but after 117 I have had 5 diamond keys.

I’ve been comparatively lucky; I’ve received 3 Diamond keys in about 30 chests. RNG strikes again! :slight_smile:

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I have 0 rare key for the secret room and I think I stopped around 50 or 60 levels in. I really want to say cuss words on here on here but me NOT playing this game should speak louder than words.

Sometimes the devs favor too bloody much on insane rng that feels less than 1% to get. Games like these that make shinies in Pokemon more tolerable to encounter with their rng

I think they should just make it an award every 10 chests…

AND leave an RNG element that could surprise you at any time.

Because the current system I think will turn off more players than keep them playing.



I’ve had about 4 and am also level 71. I got one the very first week but didn’t realize it was a diamond key for another few weeks.

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I read somewhere chance of Diamond key is about 4 percent 1 for 71 sounds like really bad luck

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Keep in mind that RNG in computers is not exactly random. There isn’t a way to actually tell a computer “be random”. It’s some form of pretend based on who knows what.

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47 levels and 4 diamond keys, however, you only need one

I’m at level 99 and have had 5. I got 4 in my first 24 levels and have had 1 in my last 75. I now have a ton of regular keys that are useless.

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You’re having bad rng. I’m 36 levels in, 5 diamond keys so far. Which has left me with an odd issue: not getting regular keys very often, so haven’t unlocked any of the new weapons/gear. Spent the few I had on cosmetics not realizing that regular keys would take so long to build up.

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Or you are having a really good one :slight_smile: . If 5% drop probability for diamond keys is to be believed, you got ~3X more than average :scream_cat: , and another poster got about what is expected.

Edit: I got two of them in a row, at levels 5 and 6, I think, so I thought I’ll be swimming in hard-to-get gear soon, if this trend continues. Needless to say, I had none since then (L29 now), and my second go at the Diamond room was not that spectacular either.


Yeah, I’m at level 108 on VC’s, and I’ve only received 3 Diamond Keys. I don’t recall the exact number of chests that I have opened, but I’ve yet to use any VC for items that seem to be not worth the trouble. I’m hoping that this will become more rewarding in the future. I’m also hoping that they’ll fix the Daily Challenges so that I actually have some to do.

2 diamond keys dunni what lvl mine is.but… Lol

I dont even care unless they fixed non unique greens blues purples from.l being on the wall


So I’m the only one posted here previously got 0 at a reason good VC level? The luck everyone here seems to get…

I remember suggesting this but I wish doing weekly rewards 1 Diamond Key. Far better than someone experience my rng to get just none of it

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Well, the Random Number Generators commonly used for video games are technically not random, but their repeat cycle is in the tens of thousands - not anything that would show up in the results of normal gaming. These can be analyzed and the pattern discerned, but, again, you’d need to do a lot of work to find the pattern. When you are looking at a few hundred results, for all practical purposes the RNG is random. (If I understand from my quick internet research correctly, BL3 may actually use a more modern RNG that has a much higher rate of randomness, so when I say tens of thousands, I’m talking worst-case.)


Currently completing level 96. Opened all the awarded chests. Filled out the current card so new awarded chests only contain keys or eridium.
Have received 5 diamond keys.
Used 3 of them but at the time the shelf picks weren’t of much use to my character.
Currently starting again from scratch with a new character so the offered gear might be of use later in this new game.

I got 3 diamond keys before I opened 30 chests and my card is lvl 108 and haven’t seen one since the first 30,to quote Hammerlock " I must have been cruel to puppies in a previous life" to have rng this bad.


lol… I don’t actually agree. .