71 Chests and 1 Superkey?

I did manage to get the Stinger shield and the other guardian takedown shield from the diamond key room. Also got a corrosive backburner–I had killed the Agonizer a few hundred times and never got one to drop. So I was quite happy with that.

I wish it rewarded playtime and dedication instead of pure RNG.

The fact that I got my third key by level 80, and my cousin who only plays this game occasionally got his third by level 30 really pisses me off. Why not award a diamond key every 15 levels, or after doing the GTD X amount of times?

Why does it have to be RNG, to open a room that’s pure RNG?


Using Buttstallion’s milk helps increase your chances… Plus, if you use it before you enter the diamond key vault room, you’ll get mostly legendaries.


Interesting - that’s more or less exactly what I pulled out of that room on my first visit (being Takedown-averse, I tend to grab these items first).

My second trip to a Diamond room was quite underwhelming, e.g. I really had no good choices for grenades - settled for a max level Core Buster just to get something.

I have yet to see any grenade that works at mayhem 10/11

Depends on definition of ‘works’. You probably won’t be able to clear the map or boss with just a grenade. But then there are very few guns that will do it with only a dozen of bullets either.

I got plenty of utility out of Hunter Seekers (Fl4k cooldown), CMT (Moze stuff), Ghost Call to melt loaders, Quasars for ‘crowd control’, Fish Slap for ‘melee’ tricks, and plenty of others, even non-legendary, for general mayhem and fun. And, yes, they usually have an anointment that helps too. :slight_smile:


There’s some guns that are pretty… Filthy OP :rofl:

There’s a few options to melt some bosses with a single mag haha

But yeah, nades aren’t meant to do that :blush:

They’re a bonus utility (i use them primarily for stripping shields or freezing)

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50 chests 0 diamond keys. The realist says whelp that lines up with my luck. The cynic says another bugbox special. Come on guys you don’t want to copy Bethesda in this regard.

Grenade wise I just accept the BL 2 fastball is a thing of the past. Just shoot one of my shiny guns and for 1/4 of an extra mag I do more than hurling all 13 nades

@toulousetodd Have you tried combining the Guardian Angel with grenades?

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How does BL3 Fastball with “+150% damage while AS is active” stack up against BL2 version? I have one sitting in my bank and keep forgetting to try it.

I have not yet. I’ll need to do that

Watched a yt vid yesterday where someone paired a homing tedior with the guardian angel :rofl:

I think it would work well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And on topic, i really had low hopes for vault cards :joy: and yeah… Pretty underwhelming…

And now seeing how rare (and random) diamond keys are… I wonder if they are actually worth the hassle.

Only problem i have farming for are arms race classmods (though i’m not using any of the new skill trees) and the odd chance there’s an embers purge in there i’m not really bothering with the cards (giving the odds i’m better off just creating a new character)

It still doesn’t add up. I got use to one-two shotting most mooks even without slag in BL 2. I have yet to get that level of consistency. The BL 3 fastball will kill but not to the same degree.

I did get spoiled with explosive Krieg and grenadier Axton so I may just be using too high of a standard.

Any damage source that has a slow-moving projectile can be abused by swapping to the Guardian Angel. My basic understanding is that most damage sources receive the benefit of the Guardian Angel while you are holding it. So shoot Plaguebearer (take pick of weapons or grenades) swap to GA, everything dies. Or hold GA and throw a grenade. I don’t know if IB gets the benefit of the Guardian Angel when you hop in while holding it, but maybe?

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Yeah the new items are really powerful :sweat_smile:

Like you said, find any slow moving weapon and swap to the GA :joy:

And i haven’t gotten one yet but when i do i’m definitely testing out if it works with action skills :joy: for example, leaving my clone somewhere and running away with GA in hand :rofl:

I do feel new mayhem levels coming haha game is getting really easy :sweat_smile:

Oh and splash damage moze :rofl: now they have a reason to get the hell out of the way hahaha

Does clone benefit from Guardian Angel? If so that’s just silly. Just like if IB gets it. I have a feeling both do, but haven’t tested it myself.

That’s what i want to try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually hope it doesn’t work though hahaha

If it does i’m not going to use it either way :sweat_smile: like i said, the game is to easy already :rofl:

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I am at lvl 101 and I have gotten 3 keys so I guess that is about right

The RNG in Unreal Engine is actually pretty good. There was a deep statistical analysis on it on the old forums, and it came out extremely close to true random - so close that statistically it makes no difference for a video game.

Level 66 with 6 keys.