72 Blood of Terramorphous Relic

Does anyone have a Blood of Terramorphous relic or Blood of the Seraphs relic? I’m needing one for my mechromancer!
Things I have that I can trade (not that great I know :/)
*72 legendary torch psycho class mode
*72 volcanoes
*72 conference calls
Also have many different op8 I can trade

I can get u a blood of seraphs on op8 but the only thing i want is the norfleet on op8

Was there a certain norf you were wanting?

No,just op8,i got the blood of terra too but at lv50

I have a op8 puissant norfleet

If you want it my PSN is: ZBBC93
I’ll be online more of the day :grin:

Is pussant rhe slag norf?But k ill add u later ^^

It’s fire!