72 Deputy Sal v OP8

I have decided to re-gear my Sal(Bilbo Baggins) for an OP8 play through using only level 72 gear or lower. :flushed:

I started off farming this as I only had it in OP8 and needed a level 72 version:

It only took a couple days of dashboard farming. :grinning:
I have a level 35 Grog which will do. I had to go farm a level 72 Slag Lady’s Fist as I wanted to roll with a Grog/Rom/Fist combo. :sunglasses:
I had some low level nades to accompany me.
The last think on my list of gear was a level 72 Chaotic Evil Monk com which took a few days to acquire.

Immortal Woods chest farming for a few days.

I’m ready to start my campaign. :smile:

I am using a level 50 relic(Deputy Badge).
I don’t feel the need to list and post pics of all items being acquired/used for this as you’ll see all items in my vids.

update: realizing i never provided a visual of my build, here you go:


















On this vid I ran out of time before the door opened up. If you didn’t know, after a while if you haven’t damaged 3/3 robots to get the door open, they will eventually open it after a while. I just keep killing until it’s open.

Edit: Update 10/18/2017 - I have been having issues with uploading vids for editing and then over to my YouTube channel. Recently, all my vids in xboxlive just vanished. It was due to my system lagging when deleting vids from my xbox hdd and not the xboxlive. I’ve been frustrated with this. I’ve had to remove my profile and re-add it 3 times in the last 60 days or so just to access my content. seriously thinking of moving to PC. :persevere:

I’ll try and fix the missing vids so I keep this thread viable and fresh for those that are interested in my endeavor(s). :wink:


So are you going to do the whole run with just the three guns? I realise that makes it easier to switch between the crit boost and healing, but your left hand trigger finger is going to get sore…


Yes. :sunglasses:

I am seasoned with the Deputy Build. :wink: I call it Jakobs cramp. lol This usually happens to me during Vermi, or someone that takes a while to whittle down. I’ve been ok so far.

Edit: I will say this much. This is EXTREMELY difficult and sometimes I’ll die a few times in a row. Those moments I walk away for a bit. come back to it a little later and keep progressing. I’ve died more times than I care to admit, but I am doing my best to capture my progress so all can enjoy in my struggle. :sweat_smile:

Captain Flynt has been my greatest struggle thus far. I encountered a LLM in WEP that took me quite a while to kill. lol it was those stupid flying LLM. Lucky for me it was focused on the Rabid and Slag Stalkers making it a bit easier for me to deal with. lol Pretty tough tho.


I’m woefully behind but I managed to get a few eps in over lunch.

#1 : Have you tried a Rough Rider yet? It seems to me that the Blockade spends most of its time down anyways and the RR’s health increase might make your passive healing that much better. I was originally dubious of the RR, but I’m not so sure now.

#2 : Why a CE Monk? The fire rate will give you little. I use a LE for accuracy in hopes I get better crits. I should probably check the Dep thread for that.

Otherwise stellar work! The FfoH, the CAMB, the Lady Fist swapping, the spacing. Good stuff.


Hey bloke, how’s things :sunglasses:

I’m all caught up now after contracting dumbarseitis and couldn’t work out where the last 2 vid’s ended up, and Jefe’s comment :point_up: nor your edit hinted a notification to me, but seeing as Aus has had almost no i’net the last few days it didn’t make a lot of difference :unamused: That’s partly the reason behind this post (so i get notified now) and to just say good job and keep going.

I “Timestamped” the last vid during your epic battle with the LJLM (little bugger) don’t know if that did anything as i’m not much chop with videos and recording as i found out recently :nauseated_face: I was wondering if you can edit them into a few longer vid’s, or is that a limitation of some sort? I learnt how to whack two together the other day and was just curious that’s all.

I kind of agree with Jefe and wouldn’t mind seeing you try the RR and Blood relic, can’t speak for the com as i don’t know that much but it does seem like a fair if not more than even trade off for the Deputy & CE Monk, but if you want to do it as “Deputy Sal” i guess you might have to stick with it … although this does have a good ring to it also … “Sal, as the Rough Rider” … maybe???

But i did spot one glaring omission from your build, and lets just say … “Not happy Jan!!!” …
Do you know what it is bloke???

If you would like some help in rectifying this situation i will be more than willing to help, in fact i’m off to do it right now so expect to hear from me ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What he said! :point_up: :wink:


This is the best com for deputy sal. The offhand gets the crit buffs. I am on my phone otherwise I’d link the thread for your convenience. It’s in the deputy sal build thread from Chuck. Now RR is theoretically better as I continue on noticing the very things you just mentioned about my shield being constantly down. However the blockade gives a 40% damage reduction even when down/broke. Where as the RR IS 20%. I have been thinking about getting the RR at 72 just to try it.

Edit: I am currently at Sawtooth and it’s a MF to say the least. I am loosing so much money. Lol :laughing:
The Bunker was pretty easy as expected. Lol. But getting to Angel was tough.


I read Chuck’s Dep thread, and only saw Evil ( crit %+ ) as being the important aspect.
The Chaotic prefix gives fire rate , whereas the Lawful gives accuracy.
I’m not challenging accepted wisdom ( or maybe I am ), but just wondering what the reasoning is behind it when fire rate is irrelevant with Jakobs.
Paging @DeputyChuck for feedback.


Just a reminder, and sorry if you are (and you probably are) aware, but the RR gets 20% on every single point of health, so more health from RR and Blood relic may = more damage resistance than the Blockade?

Where’s a @DeputyChuck when you want one … Haha :point_up: Jefe had the same idea :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am pretty sure the lawful prefix buff doesn’t apply to the offhand. iirc, only the crit applies. The fire rate buff is irrelevant and doesn’t apply anyway. I remember @DeputyChuck saying CE Monk com was the best choice for Deputy Sal. He could break it down further or I COULD go brush up on my Dep Sal knowledge myself by re-reading his thread .

Copied from dep sal thread

Evil Monk with +6 to Money Shot (Evil is the only prefix that affects off-hand.)
If your main hand’s mag size is below 12 with 5 points in Filled to the brim, get a Neutral Evil Monk. Otherwise, any Evil Monk will do. Ideally the second skill boosted should be Asbestos (or Sexual Tyranosaurus if you’re using the Brawn version.)

So it doesn’t matter if it’s CE or LE since only the EVIL applies to the offhand. :acmaffirmative:


Please explain. Lol. I’m clueless as to what that means.


Hahahaha …This might just help you out :+1:

So you can’t think of the one thing that i most certainly noticed you did not have equipped ???

I’ll let you mull that over (that means think about it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) for another day, and if you can’t answer me i’ll set you straight ok!   I’ll look after you.


Lol :joy: very funny. Gear wise I can’t think of anything other than the Blood of the anchient relic and the RR shield :thinking:
Could it be the head I am wearing? Should I be wearing Marshall Mustache?



If you go with a RR, this may be of some interest:


I’m going to try that out tonight ( I have a 72 and an OP4 ). The primary advantage specifically with Sal is passive percentage-based health regen. The larger the total health, the greater number of individual health points that are constantly regenerating.

For my Jakobs build, I can’t see a low-level RR working better ( in theory ) , but can see it working well when toting a Moxxi.


Thanks @Sun_Tsunami cool vid. I just finished farming a 72 RR. Lol :smile:


I’m only 10 hours late, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

The only prefix that affects the off-hand is evil, so it’s the “important” part

The second prefix doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect the off-hand, so pick the one that you think will help your grog nozzle the most… or the first one you find while farming, depending on your priorities in life :stuck_out_tongue: Just finding a blue Monk com, with +6 Money shot and an evil prefix is already good.

I personally use a true neutral monk because it allows me to switch to a pimp/RL and be relatively efficient without changing anything else in my loadout, and I feel that I don’t really need the extra damage from the evil prefix anyway: If I moneyshot… AND CRIT, do I really need that crit to be even more powerful ?
Have you ever faced anything in this game that wasn’t a boss that could take a CRIT from a Deputy moneyshot and stay up ? And if the answer is yes, would that extra crit damage have made a difference ?

… But if you don’t intend to use a pimp/RL, I guess the chaotic prefix would be the best to couple with evil because it makes the grog faster, so you have better chances to slag over time. Lawful is ok, but the Grog is already very accurate, and Neutral makes the grog’s mag bigger so you reload less often…but that also means you benefit less from L&L…which makes the grog faster. So chaotic evil, yes… with any other evil being 99% as good.

What might matter even more is: what is the second skill your COM boosts ?
If you rely even just a bit on Brawn for survival, T-Rex at 10/5 is great :slight_smile:

Blockade is bugged and always have the same damage resistance, even though the description says it changes depending on how badly you are hurt. DR is 38.something, but you can round it off to 40)

What I like about the blockade in this context though, is that it provides a cushion whenever you get a second wind: the shield starts full, while the RR is notoriously bad if you fall often… but it does have extra health… just OP0 value of extra health.

I would have to see both in play to call this one though…

Though I would absolutely not use a low level RR. If you want low health bonus, get a Blockade :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I respect Joltz and I think he’s one of the best in the business, his methodology here is dubious.
I understand the appeal of playing the healthgate mechanics, but the fact of the matter is that at OP8, and especially with a deputy build and a Grog in hand, if you are at 1 health and want to get back above healthgate, if you have a low level RR, it will take precisely ONE SHOT to get back above healthgate.

And with a high level (OP8) RR, it will take precisely ONE SHOT too… in fact, it will take ONE SHOT to be back to FULL HEALTH in either cases. The ludicrous damage output at OP8 compared to character health, coupled with the ridiculous healing of the Grog makes this equation irrelevant.

The only difference is the number of shots it will take for YOU to go down before you can get your shot in.


I just tested a level 36 RR at OP8 with horrible results. I am now using a level 72 RR and doing pretty well. I would say I am performing as good or slightly better using this 72 RR instead of my 72 Blockade v OP8 enemies.

Edit: update, I am currently fighting the warrior. Jack was pretty tough.


I’ll trust you on that. Sometimes the maths on these things is just bogus.
Too bad you can’t benefit from the 2 best reasons to use the RR with Sal usually (OoBG and Inconceivable)
And also: having a Jakobs shield is just even more thematic :slight_smile:


Fun fact: in my original draft of the Deputy build, I didn’t know that only Evil applied to the off-hand. (you can thank @Sljm for teaching me pretty much everything back then, including that)
Based on just theory, I recommended Lawful good :slight_smile: (which would still be my recommendation if all prefix applied to both hands BTW)