72 gear pls looking for help

Can anyone please give me level 72 non op gear please add me or reply FusedStream5074

I have about 200 items bro message me on xbox live i can drop u stuff amd help with op also
Gt gra5er1 hit me up

Yo wats up man will u be on tomorrow ?

I’ve tried to talk to the dude before in the past and he never seems to follow through with anything on here. What kinda gear are you looking for? maybe I can help. Gamertag is ValkyriesHero

Hey man just any level 72 gear u have and all class mods for the siren gunzerker and krieg I need anything

All the 72 gear u have lol

if you can’t get help elsewhere, I may be able to help, look here for my info, LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2

K I added u

I have a bunch of level 72 gear so just message me at my gamertag