72 Gunzerker (UK based) seeks co-op buddies

Hello Vault Hunters!

Been playing the Borderlands games since they first began, and have really enjoyed delving back into them in the new gen console. Unfortunately, my Destiny claanmates don’t have the game, so I was looking to get together a group of intrepid souls with the eventual goal of regular raiding and farming sessions in mind.

I’ve alluded to my time zone in the post merely because I’m aware that it can cause quite a bit of conflict when it comes to arranging events and such, so if you’re GMT compatible it’ll probably go more in our favour. My gamertag is Oberael - please get in touch with me on Xbox Live if you’re interested, or leave a post here with your class and level, and we’ll see if we can’t get a solid wee group together.

I’m UK based too. I just got my gunzerker to level 72 but I’m planning on playing all other classes. I also have a lv50 Wilhelm, lv30 Jack, lv34 Nisha and lv15 Athena if you’re into the pre sequel.

My Xbox live name is Dave90T

Awesome. I’ve just started the Pre-Sequel with my gf, so we’re both still low level. I’m a bit more invested in Borderlands 2 at the moment, and I’m pretty eager to do the raids, etc. I’ve done Terramorphous one on True Vault Hunter, but I’m really hoping to get some of those awesome search weapons. The end game aspect of the game looks amazing.

Level 72 Commando and I’m also looking for new buddies as my Destiny peeps all play something different now. (I’m in Germany but I’m American, so I’m an hour different than you) really wanna start the raids and stuff. My Gamertag: zapidy zapper

Well, I’ll be out for work today, but I’ll get both of you guys added tonight. Still going to be levelling up at the moment myself, but as soon as I hit 72 we should start doing some raid runs. Looking forward to it. :smiley:

I play on m days off as I work on continental shift

I’ve just added you. Looking forward to some raids

I’m UK and lvl 52 Siren. I also have lvl 61 Zero & Psycho, lvl 72 Mech, OP8 Axton, Sal, Siren. Shed loads of top gear and weapons (61, 72 & OP8) and would be happy to take the likes of Pete, Terra etc down in seconds if all you’re initially after is the gear they drop on TVHM.

GT is forum name without underscore. If anyone is going to add me, please, please add a message on LIVE stating these forums as I won’t add people otherwise.

So, I managed to hit 72 last night thanks to a couple of very helpful gents. I’ll just need to get myself kitted out with a few decent guns, and then I’ll be looking to do some raids, etc. :slight_smile: