72, OP1 & OP 2 Legendaries to trade


Looking to trade some loot for some other loot that no matter how many
hundreds of hours I farm I cant catch a break on and no chance of the Ogre
as Murderlins Temple is a gigantic pain in the ass!!

What I have…

OP2 Potential Conference Call
OP2 Reactive Conference Call (fire)
OP2 Restructuring Conference Call (shock)
OP1 Practicable Butcher
OP1 DPUH with 28 mag size
OP1 DPUH with 27 mag size
OP1 Social Conference Call
OP1 Cuting Slagga
OP1 Bullets Go Faster Slagga
Lvl72 Consumate Hellfire
Lvl 72 Akurate Slagga
Lvl 72 Sheiffs Badge
OP2 Legendary Torch CM
OP2 Legendary Reaper CM
Lvl 72 Legendary Torch CM
Lvl 72 Legendary Psycho CM
Lvl 72 Legendary Pointman CM
Lvl 72 Legendary Berserker CM
Lvl 69 Legendary Soldier CM
OP2 Homing Fire Leach
2 x OP2 Imapler Sheild

What I would realy realy like…

OP2 The Ogre - I play as Axton so no brainer realy
OP2 Vengful Infinity - prefer shock but no element is cool
OP2 Practicable Conference Call - shock
OP2 Homing Meteor Shower with short fuse

If anyone can trade what I’m looking for that would be awesome
and you can have everything in my list in return!

I’m on PS4 and UK based.

Thanks in advance.

hey i dont have any of your requested gear but would love to help you farm for them PSN:vladmeir

Hey, I really appreciate the offer but I’m so done with farming at the moment. While it’s amazing when you finally get that one gun your looking for it’s starting to spoil the gane for me. Also my girlfriend is threatening to withhold sex unless I stop farming and as much as I love Borderlands, I love sex with her more!!