72 UVHM Solo Build

Hello, i’m not much of an Axton user. I had him mid 40s range in level, joined a guy online and he boosted me immediately to 72. I didn’t want that to happen, I wanted to learn how to use this guy as I went through like with the other characters, but since it’s happened now, I wondered what would be the best setup for a solo player to work through the peak with? I will use the build to finish the story in UVHM so I become familiar with it before tackling the peak, but I wondered if some of you could offer some input for me.

I have all kinds of gears stashed from other characters’ farming sessions and can farm anything that you might recommend. If you want to see the build I cobbled together i’ll post it, although it was more throw the skill points around and hope for the best!

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This is my current build, based on the standard “26-15-26” Axton distribution:


I’m running that alternating between Legendary Soldier, Ranger, etc., with Moxxi ARs for healing. Depending on your style of play, and whether you intend to mainly just finish the story and go mobbing, or want to tackle raid bosses, you may want to move some points around within each tree.

As examples, some folks don’t like Mag-Lok, or trade off Phalanx and Longbow. It can also be helpful to have more points in Quick Charge, depending on the type of shield you use.


Thanks. Currently he has an Antagonist on but that’s just because I had one lying around in my stash that was level 72. I don’t honestly know what he’s best with. I’ll do some further research by lurking the boards here :slight_smile: thank you for the reply.

I use an Antagonist, but will also use a Bee and a Blockade, depending on what I’m doing. If I’m doing Pyro Pete solo, for example, I’ll switch between Bee and Blockade: the Bee to help get the shield down faster without running out of ammo, and the Blockade after that.

I actually think the build I cobbled together does at least somewhat resemble yours. I’ll post it shortly once I check.

  • Build - http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55055105015105515010005050150100
    • This is what I’d probably consider the “meta” build for gun Axton, even though I use a slightly different one.
  • COM - I personally don’t using anything on my gun based Axton except the Legendary Soldier.
  • Relic - Bone of the Ancients, or an explosive relic depending on what weapon you’re using.
  • Shield
    • My own unconventional preference is the Sham, I use it everywhere but the TTAoDK and T.K. Baha DLC. It has quite a lot of synergy with how I play Axton.
    • The more conventional shield is the Blockade, and I’d say it beats the Antagonist in every scenario.
  • Grenade - I just use a Magic Missile because I just want a utility grenade. So I get slag, grenade regeneration, and a nice “throw-and-forget” healing with Moxxi weapons. But if you’d prefer something like a Fastball or transfusion, then have at it.
  • Weapons - My favorite weapon on Axton is the SWORDSPLOSION. But after that, feel free to fill out your loadout based on the community made “Top Gear for Axton”.

Thanks for the tips, @khimerakiller

This is the build I threw together without knowing much about him, and the only gear i’ve given him for now because I couldn’t be bothered going through all of my mules just now. So he’s currently equipped with a Legendary Engineer COM. But Soldier is what I want to use, just need to find the ones I have.

There should be a Rubi in the empty slot, it seems I dropped it when taking the screenshot.



Nice build- it’s nearly the standard Axton build although I think a lot of folks do take Grit. 20% at 5/5 might not seem like a lot but when you hear it proc you’ll really appreciate it (and taking it to 40% with a +5 com boost is great). My build is slightly unusual going Nuke/Gemini but I’ve unlocked OP5 with it so far so it definitely works. Explosive weaponry of course- DPUH, Casual Swordsplosin, Ogre and Rapid Infinity were what I used at level 72 with a 36% explosive relic, x4 Magic Missile and a choice of shields- Blockade, Antagonist, Sham, Bee and Transformer. Depending on the situation Explosive Fastballs or Bonus Packages are used. Since I’ve gained a few OP levels the level 72 stuff is starting to fall off so now I’m looking for more on level Torgue weapons (especially DPUH’s) and explosive Badabooms, or corrosive/shock weapons. Good luck with your journey to OP8!


Thanks for the advice. What would you drop in that build to take Grit? Also should I have 5/5 in Battlefront? It sounds like a good skill, i’m just not sure what i’d take points from to max it out.

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You could live w/o Forbearance; however, if you were taking on certain raid bosses with elemental attacks (like the Ancient Dragons) I’d definitely spec into it. Also, instead of splitting Steady and Battlefront you could put the full 4 points into one or the other, or 1 or 2 into Expertise, especially if you get a com that boosts it…

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I pick Healthy over Grit as boosted by the Legendary Soldier it is actually quite powerful, and I typically use an Evolution shield which substantially increases my health(I find I prefer it over a Blockade or Ant), and Grit is too rng reliant for my tastes (20% chance to be useful? Nah…).

I usually run with a Butcher with a Pimpernel as support and a Quasar for crowd control.

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This is a good way to spec a standard Axton.
I love my turrets, so I love having Gemini. This build can support all three Legendary COMs, you can essentially use any gun with it, and it has a very good blend of survivability and DPS. I honestly wish I had one extra point for Do or Die, but nonetheless, it’s a pretty versatile spec.

I like the Bekah, Slagga, Hornet, and Swordsplosion as my primary loadout but this can obviously be changed to fit your playstyle. I usually have the Soldier on just because it’s so damn versatile, but of course you can use the Engineer or Ranger if you prefer. All three have something to bring to the table with this spec. Hopefully this helped in some way.


Firstly i’d just like to thank everyone for their input. I read the Top Gear list, and I picked up a KerBlaster (can’t really be bothered farming an Ogre at 72 when i’ll need to replace it later anyway). I don’t quite understand how all his skills are working together for me but something is making me incredibly tough, I stay on my feet so many times when I think i’m going down. I’m not sure why, perhaps Quick Charge?


My Build with Axton with Grit, standard 26-15-26


Use this with a bee, ogre, dpuh, grog, fastball/magic missile, explosive relic and legendary soldier

i wish there is another point to get Do or Die.

If you specced into Grit that may be why. The KerBlaster is also really f***ing good with Axton, some would argue even better than the Bekah. I’d also reccomend the Hail if you have some free time to do the Bandit Slaughter :wink:


I’m not specced into Grit, but even so he does seem to stay standing quite a bit!

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I don’t know then. Probably a combination of Willing and Preparation.

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If you want to try something different, this is a grenade/gun Axton. Personal favorite build for the commando.


This one is a bit more focused on splash-damage so it’s better for guns like the Swordsplosion, DPUH, KerBlaster, Ogre, Plasma Casters, etc. Just a little suggestion in case you get tired of the Gemini build :wink:


Thanks for the idea. I just wanted to check something, I just did the Bandit Slaughter at OP8 with my Siren, so I can farm the Hail at all levels for Axton. I’m assuming I want Ferocious prefix? With Vladof grip and Dahl stock?

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