76k shield size

Equipped a Zane anointed front loader that has a static shield size of 18k. Deathless, 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity and 4/3 TRL and I’m at 76k :joy:.



Since everything that goes into Moze’s shield skill calculations is multiplied, raising the base health by leveling ends up being a significant increase. It’s been really nice for IB’s armor. Moze seems to be benefiting from these 3 levels quite well.


Agreed. I think she may have benefited the most, given the increase health and damage for Iron Bear.

Also, I’m increasingly thinking a Bloodletter build is looking better and better, since a big reason why Blast Master was so (extra?) good was that you didn’t need to invest anything to get Vampyr and PtHP, and could just stop at MoD. The more levels we get, the better Bloodletter is going to be, I think. It also won’t lock you into using splash damage guns quite as much, which is one of my primary complaints about Moze.

But we will see; Blast Master still seems largely dominant.

Being able to get Vampyr without going far into DW was the icing on the cake for Blast Master (still is, that’s a lot of points to spend).

Largest benefit is the splash boost being way more useful than gun damage boosts on their own. Moze has no skills that increase her splash damage (SF doesn’t count) but she has several that increase her gun damage.

You can increase gun damage all you want, but if you do roughly the same and add the Blast Master splash boost, you get way higher dps.

I see no way of further increasing Moze’s dps beyond Blast Master with any other com. Other than weird Green Monster builds in certain circumstances. Of course you can use an artifact and class mod to boost splash damage up some with bloodletter, but Blast Master with +gun damage will wreck that everytime.

I don’t think any amount of added levels without new coms or skills changing that. Even if we could fill all 3 trees, Blast Master will still reign supreme.

Also, shield healing is trash if you’re above health gate. Wasn’t thought out very well at all by devs. Forced to get rid of health gate if you use bloodletter.

Absolutely agree. I’m saying that after a few more level increases, we may see a change to that.

I am still running Blast Master for my high end builds. It’s very difficult to beat, what with the splash damage increase and lack of investment to get to that point, plus Vampyr.

I feel like Bottomless Mags has diminishing returns as a whole (thus people will put more points into SoR tree) ,and that when we get to that point where we are level 70+, Blast Master will no longer be as dominant. As is, Short Fuse is a good investment for Iron Bear centric builds, regardless of whether Blast Master is being used or not. But, we will see.

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If you have health increases from a shield perk like “healthy” and then you reserve that health with thin red line would you have higher shield than you normally would with out “healthy”

So long as a skill or different com is introduced to increase splash damage or a different damage multiplier.

By healthy, you mean the perk on a shield that increases max health by 10 to 50%?

Yes, those will increase shield size in combination with TRL.

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Yes that’s exactly what I ment, thank you that’s great info to know.

I meant “Blast Master potentially won’t be as dominant”. Stacking splash damage on top of itself isn’t as effective as stacking weapon damage and splash damage, for example… As I’m sure you are aware.

So potentially, with enough points, we may see a meta change where we can get enough splash from annointments, SSB, short Fuse, whateverbut still have enough points for straight gun damage via Desperate Measures, or like you said… A new com that actually works well.

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Yeah I see what you’re saying.

Wouldn’t mind a splash increase com with SoR skills rolled on it.

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You and me both, haha. I get bored of Blast Master, but keep coming back to it… Unfortunately, it’s just all around versatile, gives solid damage, etc. I can MAKE Mind Sweeper or Bloodletter work… It’s just less intuitive and involves a lot more RMB clicking. Poor mouse gets practically abused with my Mind Sweeper build…

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