8/12 event isn't working on steam? (Solved?)

So on my steam page, there is no mention of the loot the universe event, the 8/12 hotfix, or anything. My game is showing I have the 8/5 hotfix. There has been no download or ANYTHING. What um… what gives? Also, possibly related, my game cannot connect to the store through the main menu now, for some reason.

Hotfixes don’t show up as a game downloads the way updates do, and the date showing in the news menu is not always adjusted so that’s not necessarily diagnostic.

That said, if the store connection isn’t working… Is the game being blocked by your antivirus program? Take a look and see if BL3 is allowed to connect to the internet in Windows Defender Firewall as well.

The event isn’t even in steam news. Every hotfix (like the one on the 5th) has an entry in the news. There isn’t one for today, though. My matchmaking appears to be chugging along, My Shift stuff is working, just… I’m stuck on August 5th it appears.

And a quick edit, I HAVE sat in the menu screen. The game stays on the August 5th news and THAT hotfix is applied. So unless it takes this hotfix multiple hours to update, it’s just not happening.

Last week it took a day or so before the main menu news placard changed, but I knew the new hotfox was in effect by Maurice’s Black Market changing locations.

On PS5 the News section is no longer active anymore, just one static screen with BL3 logo. As posted above, don’t focus too much on main menu info, just play the game and you will notice very quick if it’s active.

It is not active. I’m still living with the 8/5 hotfix stuff. No bonus loot drops on Pandora, no moving of the machine, nothing. Also, the news section for people on the Epic platform has changed, but not for me on the Steam platform.

It looks very much like your connection to the SHIFT servers is being blocked, then. Check your router settings, along with your computer firewall (I’m guessing Windows Defender?) and any 3rd party AV/anitmalware settings/exclusions.

That’s the weird thing, it wasn’t being blocked. I was able to connect to multiplayer and whatnot just fine.

So here’s the deal.

-I reinstalled. Nothing.
-I put permissions in Windows Defender to default. Nothing.
-I did the “Lsass” permissions. Nothing.
-I did the unlinking my steam and shift thing. Nothing.

I restarted my computer for the… 9th time? I went to my local files directory, starter borderlands up through that path instead of doing it through steam. I did this i think around 15 times, hoping for a different outcome. It’s magically working now.

I don’t know what combo of stuff in there finally kicked in. But… solved?

Quick edit, it still shows the August 5th hotfix news and I still can’t connect to the store, but the loot the universe event is functioning so who cares i guess.

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