800 Million Damage, Sandhawk single shot

Get pictures in a moment

Mayhem 10
Improved Version 0.m
Sub optimal gear rolls

Another forum member has better pics of my gear… I haven’t the means.
Can provide proof of legitimacy

Looks like the tank on his back exploded for 800m. That’s why it popped up after the health was already gone.


Yea i have some shots of the gear; but i do agree with kabflash - maliwan heavies backpacks tend to explode with massive numbers; also, its shown as a kinetic damage where the sandhawk is rad

Man, I hope GBX gets around to ironing out the damage numbers someday. When they’re unreadable like this (and the elements are hard to tell apart too), they sort of become weird gibs.


It is the heavy critical mechanics, the tank has it own hp. The tank explodes when its hp reaches 0 and deals crazy damage killing the heavy.

Just to clarify it’s not a Heavy in that picture it’s a Trooper, but they also have tanks.

For the entirety of Athena’s all that is seen from the sandhawk is ~6mil fire ~2mil rad, semi auto crit shots with micro nades exhibiting the same damage. Sporadically were white damage numbers in the 700-800 mil mark - do those backpacks kill?

Thx y’all, was doing my head in