9/7 Feedback - first impressions from an experienced fps player

Now I’ve only played 3 competitive games so far but there are some things that stood out to me immediately as areas to improve on.

Lets start with the maps

Right off the bat i think the first thing i would say is that map visuals are too cluttered both heart and quagmire feature too many visually extraneous elements that distract the eye and detract from a competitive environment. It is more difficult than it should be to pick out necessary elements in the landscape such as health pickups. Clarity in visual design is so important and i can see some attention was paid in that the enemy is heavily silhouetted in red, however the maps need a pass to reduce visual clutter. Elements of movement should be very carefully considered as movement is a great way to draw the eye and to do so unintentionally would be a mistake.

Speaking of visual design

The visual feedback on hitting enemies could use work. A centralised hit marker wouldn’t be a bad idea. The damage numbers are nice but having something near the crosshair to indicate a hit would nice especially in rocket fights where enemies are being bounced around and the fight gets visually confusing.

The visual feedback on getting hit as well could use work. with the health bar so far from the center of the screen its important to give clear visual feedback to indicate when the player is in danger. For instance I played a game against a man with the rail gun and honestly didn’t know i’d been hit until i looked up to me health bar. the slight screen shake from the hit and the small red indicator were all lost in the red lights of Heart and the screen shake from literally everything else. Had this been a minor hit that would have been fine for the most part but the rail gun hits for like 60(?) so not realising until after I had jumped in kinda sucked.

There’s also the issue of clarity when it comes to the threat level of the cards but I think that has to do more with experience and more games will fix that.

I say all this as someone with 1000 hours in Team Fortress 2 and hundreds in various other fps games. I think visual signalling needs to be very seriously considered. Clarity in visuals is king, its why quake players play with textures off and enemies in a neon colour. This is definitely something that needs work and I hope it receives the attention it deserves.

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