9 gig update? Hope this is the right place!

So I just finished downloading 9 gig of update and there is nothing new? Just an update?

Isn’t that a bit much?

Check the update details for the platform you’re on. I suspect you’re referring to the update released for the Handsome Collection for XB1 or PS4 - that contained a lot of fixes. You can get to the relevant information vie this news post:

Updates for older platforms released at the same time were the TPS-specific fixes, which you can access here:

Lots of fixes.

Ha! For once I actually ninja’d @Kitty_Jo ! This calls for a :dukecigar:

Much deserved. -golf clap-

Yeah, I get there are a lot of updates. But dude, 9 gig?


I just realized I may be sounding complainy. I’m not! Just a little baffled by the size. Maybe I’m getting old :stuck_out_tongue:

PC here, had to only download 1.1 GB.

9 GB? sounds like it was downloading the whole game again for you, maybe you deleted it and didn’t notice or something?

Sorry in advance but could not resist:


Are you on XB1/PS4? Because the notice did warn that the patch for these platforms would be large as it’s fixing core problems in the HC for both games, not just the TPS game-play issues.