9 Total Loadouts? 25+ Characters w/specific Legendaries

From the title you should immediately understand the issue. We don’t need more loadout slots, we need at LEAST 1 (preferably 2) loadouts PER CHARACTER.

If this game is going to have any longevity this will NEED to be implemented.

With the advent of more characters in the future this will be even more necessary…


Agreed, I am quickly running out of gear slots, and I haven’t even really begun to specialize.

I have PLENTY of space in the bank, but why can’t I strap a loadout to a character, since they have gear that’s just for them?

Although I wouldn’t mind more loadouts, most players won’t need them. There are 25 slots, but most people only play a handfew of characyers beyond experimenting. Once they find thier niche that won’t even happen.

I play kleese, reyna, miko, calderius and Toby. Every now and then I switch things up, but mostly just these. 9 loadouts is enough.


Seems like a small change that a lot of people would appreciate. No harm in adding more loadouts, I approve this idea!


I like that you assume “most” with such authority.

So, I’m just wondering, where are you getting your statistics from? Server data? Matchmaking results? Or are you just blindly making an assumption based on your own play-style?

I haven’t had a game where I’ve ever just stuck to a few of the options, and this is no exception and other than a few of my more casual friends, I don’t know anyone who does.

This is one of the main issues that has bothered me. Luckily Gearbox seems willing to change how gear works as the faction packs were just adjusted in the latest hotfix. I don’t particularly see the benefit of limiting loadouts on the account, as it easily becomes a situation where either a player runs out of Loadouts for their playing roster and needs to remember and change them between EVERY match, which is annoying, or a player plays 1-3 heroes and has too many loadouts for each of their characters, which isn’t that big of a deal tbh, but can be annoying if they predict the enemy “Master of Marquis” will play marquis, and chooses a loudout to deal with the possibility. I’d be more than happy to have 1 loudout per character, and possibly unlock more as you rank that character up. That seems like the most reasonable way to rework the system.

I’m basing it on my knowledge of sociology and psycology. Most people tend to stick with what they like. Human nature. You may not, but you’ll find more people that do… The only reason you will find alot of people trying dofferent things right now as they are unlocking and trying out characters to see what they like.

Well this isn’t a place for pissing matches between two egos. Even if we assume “most” players wouldn’t need it, there isn’t any serious harm in adding more for the players that do. Let’s all work together to find ways to improve the game, not damage it’s community’s reputation.

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Not a pissing match, just responding to him. I am remaining civil :blush:

And if you’ll note I said I would like it to. Just pointing out that most people won’t need it.

I find the majority of gear to be such a non factor and really not that well specified that I don’t think I’ll need that many slots.

I get that there’s BB specific Legendaries that you might want to use but from what I’ve heard even those aren’t really must have’s.

I think they could stand to make gear a little more powerful actually, as it stands(in PvP mostly anyway) building minions/turrets is a far more productive use of your shards.

Different strokes. However, it is always dangerous when grouping up a majority with no data to back up such claims. Personally, I like to play each hero and in the future if a draft is implemented, good players will need versatility. In the draft scenario what do YOU do if all your prefered heros are taken/banned?

More total loadouts would even solve the issue. It would just be MUCH less cluttered if when a hero is chosen ONLY the loadouts associated in ‘Command’ were displayed.

It boggles my mind that loadouts are per account and not per hero. Why would I ever want the same set of loadouts available on Kelvin as on Oscar Mike? One is an Eldrid melee with no shields that does not reload, while the other is a ranged with shields that does reload. They are incompatible.

What complicates things even more is the fact that almost any Eldrid loadout will be incompatible with any other loadout due to shields. On Eldrid loadouts, I will take gear that negatively impact shields since it does not matter and lowers the cost or improves the bonuses, but this gear usually sucks for every other faction that has shields. So, already I need to dedicate a few loadouts just to Eldrid.

I hope the paradigm shifts in a future patch to per hero. It could start with one loadout per hero and top out at three, which I feel is quite fair. That would give, at current hero count, 75 total loadouts, which I suppose is a large jump from 9, but given it is just a few entries in a database, I do not see the technical hurdle.

It is doable to just use a few heroes at a time, and dedicate two or three loadouts to each, and then switch your own rotation and change your loadouts, but why? That seems like a lot of effort for something that could be handled more elegantly.

Personally I will be fighting against the implementation of a draft system that bans characters. I am ok not playing something if someone picks it, but to basically jave the other team say “that character ruins my plans so no one can use him” is just stupid.

In the case of my team picking everyone I want, I hit random and see what happens!

Fight the good fight…or just don’t play that game mode if/when implemented. Don’t try to ruin it for the rest of us…

IDK about this. It might be nice, but in all honesty I find most legendarys kinda weak when compared to other items. I have maybe 5 legendaries unlocked and I only use 2. I find having a loadout that fit multiple characters works a whole lot better than having 2-3 loadouts per character. Too much clutter after a while.

buy more loadouts

another thing that id like to see is a favorite option so we can sell other junk faster without having to constantly double check if we are about to sell something on accident.

I think the current loadout system is something that simplifies things and caters to the majority of players at low level play. I would much prefer at least one loadout per character + the options to change for a couple of different items depending on what is happening in game.

The 9 loadout max seems unnecessarily small. I don’t mind having to pay 4750 for the slots because that’s very much in with the; ‘gather loot and stuff to get a small advantage’ part of the game but why only 9 max?

A quick fix from my point of view would be the option to modify loadouts with any of your owned items on the 120 second char select screen. Wouldn’t allow for mid game decisions but would go a long way in always having usable items for every character without having very generic loadouts.

Did you at least read the title…THERE ARE ONLY 9 MAX LOADOUT SLOTS, if I could buy more I would…

Just make it to where you have access to all your item’s in game and can build and counter build through out the match. Like you can in Smite.