90% of legendaries need buffs

Honestly. The quickest way I think devs can fix legendaries is to look at warframe. For those of you familiar with warframe, in no way am I saying the difficulty should be the the same in bl3. I’m simply saying that weapons in warframe feel amazing and you can literally make almost any weapon strong.

I would especially like to see “gimmick” guns go way bigger. Some examples that comes to mind is the thunderfistballs, the wave guns, bearcats, the boring guns and so on.

Right now “everyone” is running a Maggie, a crossroads, a cutsman, yadda, yada, yada. There are literally like 10 great weapons in the game as it stands. I hope gearbox does a complete pass and raises all legendaries by about 25%. Look what 25% did for the linoge.


The thing I hate about a lot of legendaries that could be great is that their gimmick ruins them.
Like shooting bullets in a pattern only or in a wacky way. Who cares if the stats seem a bit better than a purple, the goofy spread patterns make it so you don’t hit enemies as well as a purple or other guns.
So all the legendaries that do that are pretty useless to me.


I totally agree with this. Something like the shocking A the main bullet from the reticle should have all the damage from the gun. The other bullets could just be the gimmick or whatever. Anyway, yea, you are totally right.

I hear y’all, and totally agree with the general idea that “wacky” guns aren’t as useful, especially without a bank to keep them.

That said, if you’re creative, you can find uses for some of them at least. The TK wave is, for some reason, extremely good at disabling anointed and badasses at close range. For a while, I kept one equipped and when I’d see them spamming something, I’d just run up with that big boy and fire at point blank. Not that we should have only one use for a gun, but here and there, I’ve found a use for seemingly useless weapons.

But like I said, overall agree that the silly legendary can’t be useful and have very few places to be collected. Here’s to next month giving more bank space? Clinks glass

25% seems like a pretty big buff, especially if the game is leveled to that kind of damage. As someone who doesn’t like using only legendaries, I’d be overwhelmed if I didn’t cave and give in to solely using legendaries. 10, 15, at the most a 20% damage buff, I could bare. If too much, and the game levels to that kind of damage, then the only viable weapons would be the best legendaries, and I dont always want the gun that a million other people are using.

I’m kinda the exact opposite…I want Epics to be a bigger factor in the endgame. I think it’s pretty bland to have the game centered around a few legendary pieces of gear. If it was up to me legendaries would be about bringing new and u unique gameplay and Epics be about crafting and customization. With both being endgame viable.


I agree completely, I dont want to be forced to use legendaries in endgame. As for customization, I’d like to see parts being swappable for a high eridium cost. I made a whole post about it, but there were some worries.

The problem is DEFINITELY all the gimmick and joke weapons. Its BL and its supposed to be silly, I get that. but The devs can’t make 10 genuinely great weapons, then get pissy and herd us around via nerfs because we’re not all running around shooting turds and burgers.

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Haha, absolutely true. So, you’re another one for better Epic level weapon viability, yes?

Yeah! Nobody truly NEEDS their inventory all oranged out. Back in BL2 the majority of my loadout was rare/epic uniques that had great mechanics! As long as I’ve got synergy between my guns and build and don’t hit like a wet noodle, I’m satisfied.

There is far more than 10 good weapons man, you obviously haven’t been experimenting.

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I disagree. Not that I don’t belive there are bad weapons, because obviously there are, but the majority of the legendaries can MELT in Mayhem 3. Take an example: Mayhem 3 modifier: Normal bullets do 70% less and elemental do 70% more. There are soooooo many viable weapons to use, even if there are some that will melt faster than other. My point is, if you want to buff, buff the absolutely most garbage ones, not everyone.

I do plenty of experimenting - by good I mean synergizes well with abilities and builds. A lot of the changes that have been made to weapons (and missed opportunities with weaker ones) leave playstyles with a very broken up, staccato feel. Its all about the mechanics!

Just a bit of hyperbole, I’m sure, but still the point us true. By focusing on just legendaries, that leaves legendaries as the only viable option.

I believe all weapons should have slight potential, is just legendaries da have crazy gimmicks that make them special, unique and fun.
My inventory and bank is still full of purples and some blues. Cannot wait to get that sweet bank upgrade next month for better management.

Thanks to the massive boost in annointment drops, I’ve found that an average legendary with a great annointment can be way better than a good legendary with no annointment. It’s caused me to branch out and try weapons I never would have before, and it’s been great. It’s inspired way more build and weapon diversity in my builds than any of their nerfs or buffs.

Now, of course a good gun with a good annointment is gonna win, but is also a lot harder to get.

I think they need to add more annointments that put more emphasis on your build and less on the specific weapon. I think in the long run, it’ll at least get people using different guns while they farm for their perfect set. In the meantime, it gives Gearbox time to release more legendaries and more content that will further disrupt the meta.