9000 IQ play by gearbox

you guys do not get it lol they are so smart, they dropped m4 so they can see outlier builds and items for every character and bring them in line with the rest of the field so they can gives us truly blissful UVHM and Mayhem 2.0 experience.

blessed be the lord


I guess you’re inZane for a reason eh.

The only blissful UVHM is a nonexistent UVHM.

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Zanefidel! :smiley:


Yeah, honestly not keen on the idea of UVHM haha :smiley:


I was actually just thinking that last night. There are a few builds that can solo M4 takedown. They’ll likely hammer these down and tone down M4 after.

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Mayhem 4 is ‘technically’ UVHM at this point.

I feel this is a troll or bait thread. I’m out, then.


And I think it was likely a game matching decision to enable more people in the co op pool for the takedown. Hence not fixed yet …

Without the slag to compensate.

You may be on to something. Well RIP Tediore/FP/BulletVamp and Transformer.

Honestly, as anti-nerf as I am, I won’t feel bad about Transformer. There is something silly about shooting yourself in the foot to heal.

you’re indeed right that is silly. unfortunately, it’s the only other option for certain VHs. i use transformer the most, but it’s not for self damage. the bullet absorb is excellent, oh well - i already mentally prepared for the day :upside_down_face: