99.9% of the matches are lopsided

This makes for a not very fun experience. Games like Battleborn are at their best when the matches are competitive. Just about every match I have played has been one sided. Either we completely destroy the other team or we get destroyed there seems to be no in between.

And can people please play the objectives and not play the game like Call of Duty.

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In general it is completely one sided but I have played a couple of intense games that were really close but ended up timing out. Those seem really rare though.

I imagine that once competetive mode gets ironned out, that’ll be what you’re looking for. Right now you’re right, it can be a well built team of lvl 30s versus the newest members of the game, but if ELO match making ever actually works then games can become more consistantly the intense finishes we look for in a MOBA.

This was… fun… lol

that’s sad… idk why anyone would go that hard in a beta


I play with a group of friends and we are all 20+. Almost every pvp match we start, someone on the other team quits and within 5 mins, someone else quits too. We just laugh because we are all new to pvp. 90% of our ranks have come from doing advanced missions pve. Rank means NOTHING in this. We have lost to PUG teams with no rank being over 7 and have beaten premades with ranks in the 40-50s.

If your in a pug and find some good players, try shooting them a invite and form your own premades.


I have also had this experience.

I’ve had a lot better luck in the ranked vs mode. Much closer games, and even lower leveled players seem to have a good idea of what they’re doing.

I would say that Meltdown matches tend be quite ok. There are ways to come back from enemies’ early lead. If your team groups up and nobody leaves.

Incursion on the other hand are really snowbally.

But that’s to be expected, Meltdown was in CTT and they gathered a lot of feedback from community, which was implemented. Now we have chance to give more. So what do you think needs to be changed to facilitate more close matches?

Maybe add more defensive options at the last base.

The matchmaking algorithm seems to be a bit off. That’s what BETAs are for: We play, we report the problems, Gearbox fixes them, we buy the game when it officially released and everyone lives happily ever after.

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