$99,999,999 , will it ever move again?

Not that it really matters … but once you have reached $99,999,999 , does it just stay there forever or is it calculating somewhere in the background?

Not that it matters , there is nothing really to do with money in BL … but was curious.

It’s just the display limit. Not sure what the actual in-game limit is but, if you know the bit-size of variables in UE4 you can probably guess.

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Even though I don’t need the money and it’s easy to make, I still don’t like how much they take when I die. There’s just something about seeing all of that money disappear.


There’s a thread about that somewhere…

You can always save&quit or just don’t die :slight_smile:

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If I’m not mistaken respec takes ~10% of what You have but don’t know if it cap at 9.999.999$

Well, I’m not doing it on purpose. :rofl:


Respec and dying fee is always 10% of your current money. If you have more than the limit it will take over 10M.

I know :slight_smile: I don’t like loosing the money too even if I don’t need it anymore. All the gear in vendors is very cheap, in TPS you could at least buy some expensive legendary gear from it.


I think some of us have single handedly kept Hyperion afloat


If it is 32 bit: 2,147,483,647
If 64: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

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And in either case, at some point it may well be NAN

Someone tested it and it’s this one.


The most money you can get i $2,147,483,647. Going above this amount causes a stack overflow and resets you to 0.

GlitchQueen did a video on it.


Quick update … yeah it moved…

I decided to respec a bunch of times and try out my new spec(s) on MT … many deaths ensued… as I was ready to deem my experiment a failure I noticed I had 80 mill instead of 99 mill …