A Battleborn-Based Clan For Future Destiny 2 Players

I wasn’t sure where I should put this as it’s kind of off in every category on the forums except the Off-Topics section at the bottom, but I felt that it’d get missed by the targeted audience of the post, so I’ll post it here. I do understand though if this is an intrusion.

Now, to the point of the thread!

A couple of days ago I helped in derailing yet another thread, this time being this;

I suggested a group/clan being made with a Battleborn theme for those of us who will get Destiny 2 this fall, and thought I’d simply follow @lowlines’ (sort of) suggestion and give it a go now!

I created a group for those who are interested in this. You can join now if you have a Bungie account through the link below which takes you to the group page.


The name is @Vicks_Toire’s suggestion; The Guardians of Solus. I found it to be a perfect name for what the group is meant to be while not emanating exclusivity.

I was stumped to come up with a motto, which is why I paraphrased Ghalt; "One thing’s for sure, none of us are going to die in the dark.*. This can be considered to be a placeholder more than anything else really unless those who joins likes it.

The about page is so far short and generic.

I haven’t done much at all yet, and for a reason; I want your input! You, the ones who are interested in joining, what do you think? More specifically with regards to;

  • Name - Should it be changed?
  • Motto - Should it be changed?
  • Pictures - Should the header and/or profile picture be changed?
  • Exclusivity - Should this clan only be included to Battleborn veterans or is anyone free to join (after admin approval)?
  • Rules - What rules should the clan have?
  • Other - Something I’ve potentially missed?

I can’t activate it as a clan yet, but only 3 players are needed to my understanding for the group to become a clan if those 3 players wants it.

I will make sure to update the group accordingly if this becomes a group players join!


Welp, if Destiny 2 is on PC, I know where I’ll be hanging out!


Going to be making a bungie account this week to reserve my spot! Badass!

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I’m not certain if the system will change for Destiny 2, but the way Clans work right now is that they are actually a “Group” with added clan features. Once you have 3 or more people you can then go in and activate your group as an active clan for a given platform (currently only PSN/Xbox). You can have up to a maximum of 100 people registered in the “Clan” per platform but there is no limit to how many people can join your Group. Setting a Group as your Clan results in your clan name showing up on your profile card in Destiny 1 and clan members will also show up in an in-game clan roster regardless if you are friends with them or not. You can be part of the group but not part of the clan, which is akin to following a thread or person to receive notifications and effectively bookmark that group under your profile settings. It’s a bit clunky atm, but I expect there’ll be some big changes coming closer to when Destiny 2 launches along with managing clans within the game.

There is also an Official Destiny Companion App you can download to your phone and set it up to receive notifications and such among other things.

I reckon Bungie will have more to say about clans come E3 in a couple of weeks, but getting people signed up now will mean you’ll be set for later. :wink:

@nbrownlie237 It IS on PC, but through Battle.net. I won’t be touching PC for two reasons; I don’t have a PC that can run it, and all of my Destiny 1 friends are on PS4. :sunglasses:





ISIC is ready for September 8th


Beatrix is already there. :sunglasses:

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Now I’m even more hyped for September. :smiley:

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Man… I kinda want to get destiny now to just hang with people…

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Hmm, this is really cool. Though if I do get Destiny 2 it’ll be on PC, so I’ll have to wait and see what they have in plan for the clans in terms of that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be there on PS4. By happy chance, September and October are about the only months I have relatively free, too! It’s meant to be.

Also 95% of my motivation is just to hang out with everyone again. The other 5% motivator is playing a buff babe who punches aliens in the face, which was all I ever did in Destiny. Worth it.


Can someone explain Destiny 2 to me? Do characters carry over and stuff like that or is it completely separate to Destiny 1?

I liked Destiny, played it at release but I had nobody to play with so I didn’t even do raids and stuff, so if this clan thing happens maybe I’ll get Destiny 2!


I haven’t been following too close, but I think it’s a totally separate game. I didn’t really get heavily into the first, but I do like bouncing around and zapping things while chatting on mic, and that’s pretty much my game plan this time around as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember Ghalt saying “Live together, or die alone,” In the story trailer for Battleborn so maybe that could be your motto “Live Together, Or Die Alone,”.


As far as mottoes go, I’m kinda inspired by Orendi’s “WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW”


Really ?

heya, i’m thinking about a destiny 2 clan in the spirit of “tombstone”.
any battleborn players are more than welcome.

“we’re your huckleberries” is my tentative name
and “fun, that’s just our game” is the motto.

later, :smile:

Never played the first but will likely pick the 2nd up on PC and hopefully have some other battleborners to join me.

Hah for a motto the first thing that came to mind was the sentry singing “Hell yes! Never give up, never surrender. Hell yes!” or whatever the heck it said.

all done. huckleberries of destiny. “fun, that’s just our game”.
all battleborn players welcome. I gotta hop into battleborn
again on of these days. I’ve been missing whiskey’s
full-auto pulse rifle. :wink:

oops, “one” of these days. :blush: