A Battleborn Day Message From Arachnis

Hey guys, I met Chris Sabat (Rath, Attikus, all the Sentries) at Fan Expo Vancouver today. He was nice enough to bring out Arachnis the Spider King (or Geoff for short) to wish everyone a happy Battleborn Day! It was recorded on my phone at pretty busy part of the con, so fair warning that there’s some noticeable background noise in the video.


Aaaaaaaaranchnis! Love that voice.

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Chika chika chika

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How many people were at that expo? Was it… Over 9000?


Wow! This is great! Thank you so much for taking the time to record and share this. I would have been so excited I would have just forgotten altogether. The Sentries are my favorite characters in Battleborn. They make me laugh every time I play the game.

Chris was really cool and said that Arachnis is one of his favourite characters he’s played in a video game. He signed my pin set for Rath, but he was really all about Arachnis.

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His Sentry dialogue for Arachnis, Wolfie, Chronicle, and the Incursion Sentries, (along with Jim Foronda and Ashley Burch) ranks among my favorite VO work in any game I’ve played. He is hilarious.

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