A bearded guy who plays Borderlands 2


After years to browse the old and new forum, my first post. :slight_smile:

I’ll upload some Borderlands 2 gameplay, mainly if not solely with the UCP and custom mods made by the community.
I hope you will like the ■■■■■■■, if you do or don’t, feel free to leave a ■■■■■■■ to help me improve my videos, their ■■■■■■■. If you have any suggestions, questions I’d be glad to hear them.

Less words.
More videos.

Main BL2 playlist :

PS : My apologies for my english, I’m a frog eater. :slight_smile:


First of all @SixelA welcome to the forums!
I just recently was welcomed by @hattieinduni so it seems only appropriate that i do the same :smiley:[quote=“SixelA, post:1, topic:1562207”]
More videos

Yes please i’m always a fan of that especially quality stuff like this. Nice set up with the editing.[quote=“SixelA, post:1, topic:1562207”]
Less words

Nope, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game we all love, that’s why were all here after all. I’d be interested to here your thoughts on the patch v’s vanilla BL2, as i’m sure will others. I personally think some parts are great, like auto pickup Eridium and Seraph Crystals to name a couple of simple ones.
There is other stuff like a version of the FotFh that @the_Nocturni made which have let me do stuff i’ve never experienced before so that for me was great. I’ve also been playing with some of @xmngr 's toys and there’s some really fun stuff out there. There has been some stuff that’s been a bit OP, but horses for courses i guess.

@bew_ has some great vid’s on this too but always happy to watch more as you can learn a lot from watching others play. I personally used some (a lot) of @Handsome_Dad 's vids for learning the Peak better, plus they’re just entertaining :smiley: so " Win-win-win, as they say! Nobody says that. I say it."

This from @johnrr6 's awesome thread on the UCP goes without saying. (please link as i’m a noob)

Discuss patch as a PC only patch (unfortunately, discussing it as a console patch breaks ToS with Microsoft and Sony)

Realize TOTALLY that GB had NOTHING to do with this effort and take NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER

■■■■■■■■ are to provide KNOWLEDGE, HELP and INPUT of any problems and SUGGESTIONS to the authors for improvement.

We keep this professional…■■■■■■■■ like “this sucks for console owners” are meaningless, the situation is what it is.

As in all patches of this nature, the author takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage you do to your game. I have experienced ZERO PROBLEMS of any sort, but the old truism is in effect. BACK UP!

So once again welcome and look forward to see more great vids from you :smiley:


You cracked me up right here. I like silliness. as I myself, am very silly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One of the best lines I’ve heard lately from a movie, was Lego Batman.

“I’m fighting a few different people right now.”

“I like to fight around.” :joy:


It’s like Elemental Splash Heaven! :heart_eyes: so @bew_ -tiful

@SixelA Welcome, and great vid. :acmaffirmative:

reminds me a lot of Bew’s vids with all that elemental splash magnificence. So pretty.


Oh you guys are making me miss Borderlands so bad… screw family, I want my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad i could crack youup @Kurtdawg13 and give the funnybones a tickle, you may have noticed i suffer that same affliction :grin: as shown in my rather stupid and “loooooongwinded” post yesterday (for me) that was a bit “silly”.
And kids movies have some great stuff for the parents don’t they. I’d always get a chuckle when i took my son to the movies and just the adults were having a laugh.

But back on topic, i bumped into this “Bearded Wonder” on the interweb machine and thought, “Does @bew_ have another channel?” as he reminded me of that also, not just the style of vids but a good skillset like yourself.
It’s a good example of what some rather crafty people have been able to come up with and i hope Gbx grab a few ideas from some of these things like the simple auto pickup stuff i mentioned earlier to name just a couple.

And then there’s the artwork that some have put into the weapons that they create, and @the_Nocturni who made the shield i mentioned that just open up the game for people like me. I still love vanilla BL2 though and don’t think i’ll stop playing that any time soon, but this is fun to muck around with and appreciate what people can do with a game that we all love. :blhappy:

So @SixelA i’m glad you decided to share this with us, as i think it’s safe to say we’re all BL2 fans here :acmaffirmative:


What’s that saying?,

“You can choose to play Borderlands, but you can’t choose to play Borderlands when you have to visit family”

Sounded much more poignant in my head, apologies. :grin:

Come on back @hattieinduni , i think the Borderlands miss you!


Thank you all for your welcome.
Being compared to bew_ :blush:
Currently one of the most entertaining BL2 youtuber. Of course there are other guys doing amazing stuff, but unfortunately due to lack of time, effort, motivation, etc … they have no visibility. Add to this, how Youtube works … and this is how a lot of good ■■■■■■■■ get hidden, drowned in the mass of videos uploaded every day.

Damn, I’ve never used Google translate so much … since I started doing BL2 vids. Fortunately it’s free to use. :smiley:

My last upload, hope you will like it :


Sal went to cut some wood to prepare this winter.
Hope you will like it :slight_smile:


Wish you will like it. :slight_smile:

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Last upload, enjoy it :smiley:


Strength in numbers :

Hope you will like it. :smiley:


Hope you will like it. :smiley:


Maya loves spinach !

Hope you will like it :