A big frustration for me so far

it’s not the issues with the game

it’s the lack of communications from GB

please GB have someone here on your boards to speak with the community, a lot of fires can be calmed if we know we are being heard.


Look there


There has been some pretty good feedback from the Devs on their understanding community concerns so far.

But every concern is taken VERY seriously by them.

Please do feel free to express exactly what bothers you most.

ok see they are. been missing those but for me still seems like they haven’t because i have yet to seen anything in my browsing here for a week since the beta boards

There have been a lot of threads and a lot of posts.

That’s why the sec tracker is here.

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

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He meant the dev tracker. Try to remember it’s been less than a week. They have reacted very quickly when possible (e.g. making the prologue replayable when people asked). Other things take a little longer.

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HI! :smiley:


See, theres a Dev! Get him, catch him, give him hugs!!! :heart:

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