A big thank you and some tiny issues (console crash, sorting stuff, guardian rank)

If this doesn’t fit here please feel free to move/close/delete. I’ve filed a support ticket, but was basically sent to the 2k forums, registered there but can’t post it seems, so I’ll post it here for now. I don’t wanna start a big discussion or something, just hoping the right people see it.

Hey Gearbox team!

I love the new game, took all my 4 Vault Hunters to 50 already and enjoy the hell out of their skills, the new guns (especially Jakobs) and the new areas, I love the new gameplay mechanics and quality of life changes, and also appreciate the balancing of too op gear.

Now I have ONE big problem that is really annoying, and that is that my Xbox One X shuts off almost every time I wanna join someone else’s game. My husband on the other hand, who has the One S never had a problem joining my game. But me on One X, 1 out of 3 games it shuts off. Please if you can have a look into that, that would be awesome - I know I’m not the only one, since I’m admin in a big bl facebook group and we get that issue a lot.

I gladly noticed you’re already working on more bank space, a target dummy and much more, which is really awesome and I’m looking forward to it a lot! Thanks for listening to your fans, we appreciate it.

Some small requests I still have would be

  • an option to deactivate guardian ranks, or even better, make them like a skill tree, where we can euip the skills depending on character or situation. I don’t want to fill the middle tree for example because the shield skills down there could be counterproductive for certain builds.
  • an option to sort the typhon logs/eriadan slabs in chronological order, as well as a thematic sorting option for the echologs - they all are sorted in the order I picked them up, so if I wanna for example listen to Krieg I have to jump around to find them all in my backpack.

PLUS, a little bug I noticed (on my Fl4k mainly), the logs AS WELL as the missions always jump back to the highlighted one, so if I wanna choose a different mission I have to quickly select every mission on my way down or up to get there, cause simply scrolling always takes me back to the one I have selected.

Thanks for looking into all our requests and making the game even better than it already is. Keep up the good work and happy hunting!

P.S.: Please give Claptrap some wub wub during his dance on the opening screen <3