A big thank you to Gearbox!

For developing such an amazing game! Battleborn is the first game that has changed my playstyle and preferences more than once.

My gaming experience mainly derives from playing various pc mmorpgs. I would always play Sorcerer/Mage type class in such games. I detested all healers and melee characters specially tanks.

In Battleborn I found a new love towards melee dps, healers and now to tanks as well! I play and I enjoy every single one of them! Battleborn is a badass game!

Thank you, thank you. Thank you!

Note: My apologies if this thread is in the wrong category. I didn’t know where else to place it.


Second best multiplayer game I’ve ever played. Haven’t really played anything else since CTT.

■■■■■■■ brilliant game, gearbox, keep rocking.

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Agreed. I wanted to play a moba on console and u guys delivered hard. Constantly trying to get better with damn near everyone and keep coming back to old flames with new angles to try

I might be a upset with some things but it’s just because my passion for this game runs damn near as deep as it does with the borderlands franchise. You are far and away the company that I have the most faith in on delivering a product I will truly love. Stay true to your fan base and you will have a long history of success imo

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Think it’s my highest game time on any game ever so that’s something, and i’m still loving it :slight_smile:

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With the 3 Borderlands and with Battlborn, Gearbox are doing the best 4 games ever for me !
Thanks a lot
(Too bad that 2K have not done their promotional work around this huge Battleborn)

Indeed, my favs have been TFC and every version of Borderlands, now Battleborn.
Bought many other new games, still playing Battleborn.

I really do love you, Gearbox. So much so that until someone brings it up, I don’t remember Aliens Colonial Marines happened. :wink: