A big THANKS to the Borderlands dev team from a PC gamer!

I’m a big Borderlands fan, but after 4000+ hours I’ve been taking a break and playing other games. And I have to say, there are a lot of games out there with crap for keyboard/mouse controls.

Granted Borderlands doesn’t have the same kind of combat mechanics the ones I’ve had trouble with do, but, still, you guys made Borderlands a pleasure to play using these devices, out of the proverbial box. There are other AAA titles out there that seem like the devs never even tried to play the game the way they set it up. But rather than turn this post into a rant about The Witcher 3 keyboard/mouse situation, I really just want to say, again,

THANKS for taking the time and caring enough about PC gamers to make our Borderlands experience excellent!

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Seconded - this game is so much better than other FPS games that I play on so many levels that it kind of ruins them for me. This game has a ton of quality variety. On that note, who’s in charge of the character animations? They’re very well done.

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Thats what i love about the borderlands games. It has so much variety. And almost unlimited ways to play. Most games just dont have the variety, fun and re playability that borderlands has to offer. Bl2 and the pre sequel are among the best games ever created. And besides the mario games and diablo 3. I never had a game where i put so much time into. And had fun playing over and over again.

:flushed: wow. that is a lot of hours.

I wish that they would have kept adding content for the PC version after the older consoles could no longer handle it. The new consoles could probably handle it, so I don’t see a reason to stop production for the game because a couple machines couldn’t do it, but the majority of platforms could.

Hi we have never met, I have 4000+ hours just on these forums alone.

4000 hours on the forums, eh? You sure about that? :wink:

Do you mean between the previous forums and these? If so then kudos! :raised_hands:

I had my signature back there, I still go back there to look at it.

Excellent. You can track stats like this at


Looks like the current reading leaders (ordered by read posts) are @Master_Beef @rush86 @eel37 @Daemmerung. Congrats all. :smiley:


They are only leaders because my phone won’t load this site.
I should grab the coding one of these days and send it to who ever deals with this.
It’s annoying to me.

As much as I’d like to take the credit for those sorts of reading numbers, the real hero here is this AJAX-y forum software, which will drop you into a 5000-post-long thread of randomness with no more warning up top than “1 new”. Pound the down-page and end key a few times in confusion, and you too can be a Forum Champion.

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I read too much around here. I’m stuck at work and this is up on a second computer half the day at least. I wish I had as much time to play BL as I do to talk about BL. Oh well, talking about BL is better than no BL.

That’s where “read time” comes in handy @Daemmerung :wink: but we only show it for the all time view of those stats.

You know it’s funny, I often say the meta-game of talking about the games with others is a better long term game … games come and go, but community and friends and paragraphs are forever!!


Something like a Creation Kit for Borderlands would be awesome.

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Of course, Borderlands is really awesome! Recently, I just enjoy 2 parts of it. Have played Batman already, but it didn’t like what I’ve expected.

I really agree with you. As a 76 year old PC gamer with only one good arm the Borderlands series is all I play now.


76!!! Holy crap I’m 25 and I think I only have another 25 left in me for video games. I can feel my hands hurting after 3 hours of playing might be because of ps3 small controller and my big hands, but kudos man keep on playing is there a place to vote for community badass because you should be the next one lol

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Send a pm to @JoeKGBX. And 76 is pretty amazing. My wife and I are in our early 40s and don’t plan on stopping our gaming anytime soon. :wink:

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Don’t be silly, @Gulfwulf. You’ve been on the list since day one.

x2 JOE. That guy has to be the next Community Badass.

76 years sir. My respects to you @Theoldman75

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