A Bit of a Bug Found?

I am currently a Level 51 Commando in TVHM and doing the Toil and Trouble mission in Sawtooth Cauldron. After killing Mordor I went up in the lift and started removing the Buzzards. After destroying 4 of the 5 Buzzards, the fifth Buzzard has “vanished” although the engine sounds can still be heard. I have cleaned out all the bandits in the area and gone down to stock up on ammo as well as emptying the Red Loot Box in the lift shaft. The game has now been like this with just the 5th Buzzard engine sound for just over half an hour.

How do I get the 5th Buzzard to appear so I can finish the mission?


Look downwards where the marker is. I had this happen once too, it gets stuck on the tower, if you hit it, it should come loose.

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After 1.5hrs and 2 side missions it sorted itself out.

My current Axton (Level 52) is the 5th character I have played in the game and the only one where I haven’t got a Legendary Class Mod yet. Can anyone help? I have loads of Legendaries to trade if someone can.



Sadly i’m not on PC, otherwise i’d be able to help you. I’m sure someone here can help though :slight_smile: