A Bit of Experimentation with Flurry of Blows

Hey everyone, figured I’d share some numbers and info from a small experiment I tested based around Pendles’ level 3 helix mutation, Flurry of Blows. This helix actually impacts Pendles’ melee combo much more dramatically than simple attack speed buff, as you will see below.

For those who haven’t tried or unlocked this mutation for themselves yet, some basic information - while the description of this helix choice make it seem as though Pendles gradually ramps up in attack speed the more he hits enemies, this is not the case. Here is the information I have gleaned from testing Pendles with this helix active:

Pendles must hit multiple times with his primary melee combo for this helix to activate. In practice, this means two full melee cycles, as Pendles strikes 4 times in quick succession and then finishes with a slightly delayed strike before refreshing the cycle. With some experimentation, I found that even this was erroneous - Pendles does not have to hit with every strike in these melee cycles - only what seems to be the majority of them (actually about 8 hits).

Now, once Flurry of Blows has activated, two things happen. One, the orb in the bird skull kama turns red, which is pretty cool and a useful indicator that the helix is still active. Secondly - Pendles melee combo drops the 5th, slower strike, and turns into a continuous loop of the first 4 strikes. So, as I mentioned, this isn’t a true Attack Speed buff. So long as Pendles is hitting a target, his melee combo will not revert to the original state.

So here’s the next bit of important information about Flurry of Blows - there is a rather large window of time in which Pendles does not have to be hitting or even using his melee cycle for Flurry of Blows to remain active. To be a little more precise, Pendles can go roughly 4 seconds without attacking for Flurry of Blows to stay active. If Pendles hits again anytime before this, that window is extended for another 4 seconds, even if he only hits once. So this means Pendles can maintain Flurry of Blows even while tossing any of his skills into the mix, or if you’re feeling cheeky, shuriken throws.

Lastly, I did test with Attack Speed Gear activated as well. It does not affect the requirement to activate Flurry of Blows, which is to be expected as it’s based off successive hits instead of time spent hitting, but given that a higher Attack Speed will get you through his melee cycle faster, it’s still quite desirable and will also boost the speed of the Flurry of Blows cycle (since the speed of the first 4 strikes isn’t any different from his normal combo).


I experimented with this when he first came out. Combined with relentless strikes, attack speed & skill damage gear
scary stuff

Nice info thanks!

I’m finding flurry to be mainly useful for minion waves/thralls/elite bots moreso than actual PvP fights.

The mutation seems counter intuitive to Pendles’ sneak in and assassinate nature and lends itself more to the idea of an extended confrontation to be effective.

I’ve only really found it useful when I’ve just finished with a minion wave and there’s someone nearby or chasing someone with a lot of health who doesn’t aggro you for whatever reason.

Well just it is like the lifesteal option it helps him with survivability in a fight that is more drawn out then he would want, it is just in a different execution

Thanks, this is awesome and well written.

Dredging this topic up, as the Winter Update of January '17 has significantly buffed the Flurry of Blows helix choice (and did not mention this in the patch notes). As I have amended in my OP, Pendles now only needs to hit with 4 of his strikes in a melee cycle before Flurry of Blows will activate.

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It’s so freaking amazing now! VoZF and bolas are brutal on that little snake guy!

So just to clarify using his skills will keep the buff up? As well as his shurikens? Does this skill affect his shuriken throw speed?

I think it still only affects his melee so using the items you mentioned I’d say

“Injection then swing away”

No, unfortunately it does not affect shuriken throw speed, just his primary melee.

And yes, as I detail in the post, there is a window where Pendles can be not actively hitting anything with his primary melee without having Flurry of Blows end. I haven’t actually checked to see if this window was changed in light of this buff, but at the time I did the initial test, you could go for about 4 seconds before you lose Flurry of Blows - plenty of time to use skills, make evasive maneuvers, and re-engage and get another hit in to keep Flurry of Blows up.

Cool ty for the info! It may be worth mentioning that the time for the helix to expire may have gone up. I have very little evidence to support this but there were several times where my melee seemed ludicrously fast after initiating with injection

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Bad news for Pendles today. He got nerfed. They reverted the stealth changes for the winter update. So once again he’s useless, Pendles joins El Dragon & Mellka as bottom tier characters, and he’s back to be possibly the worst dlc character. Tell Joe to bring back the buffs to Pendles, he so needed them.

Yep, I’m the one that posted about it. Just haven’t gotten around to fixing the OP back to what it was…

Edit: It’s done. :expressionless:

Wait, so was Flurry of Blows a stealth update? And they reverted that? I thought it was just the stealth buff to Injection slow they changed…

Yep, it was pretty great while it lasted.

A tear is shed.

Scratch that, many tears. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY