A bit of levity

How do you keep an idiot busy? Apparently you give me a quest that requires me to shoot switches to activate them, and a Kaoson.

I could not figure out why the switches kept resetting. I’d shoot it, hear it ding, move to the next one, and hear the previous switch ding and revert to its prior position. I spent a good minute or two on this before realizing the Kaoson was to blame. Sheesh. I should just pack it in for the day. :sweat_smile:

This would make for some interesting puzzles though.


I made the same mistake myself LoL
Shoot the switch, run to the next area expecting the wire to be live, wire not live, run back to switch, shoot switch, wait watch second explosion from Kaoson switch back LoL

Could be worse, like say farming the wrong boss for a few hours as someone on here admitted to recently. :laughing:

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I saw that one. I spent several runs on GENIVIV trying to get a Reflux, only to realize that I wasn’t on M6, I was on M4 or 5. Doh!

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