A Borderlands The Pre-Sequel easter egg in a premium taunt?

So, the other day I read in a topic that there’ll be some Borderlands easter eggs in Battleborn. A few minutes ago I was just checking again all the premium taunts and when I got to Kleese I realized: that background music is the same that you hear sometimes while using Fragtrap’s special skill.

This is the taunt I’m talking about:

This is the music you hear in the background:

Could this be an easter egg ? What do you think about this?

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Exactly what me and @Sm0kerCrew were thinking! “Hey, is´nt that from the PreSequel?” - “Yeah, could be it!” :smile:

Can´t confirm, but it seems to be a great placed easter egg to me^^

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Yes I thought it was this! Idk why people were expecting skins like characters, this is the kind of homage I’ve been looking for.


@Ganjamira It looks like a well placed easter egg to me too! ^^

Mostly I like the fact that this one (always if it is an easter egg) is not so obvious to find, not like a character skin as @epicender584 said.

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