A Brief Revisit

With the release of the new DLC, I decided to give BL3 another try, but everything I hated about the new Mayhem modes is still there in spades and I doubt I’ll even complete the DLC, I hate the modifiers that much.

First off the level cap increase to 60 just seemed pointless, it took less than 15 minutes to get to 60 in the Scraptrap nest and the 3 points it gave did nothing at all for my Amara build, so I ended up just sticking them into extra health.

I wanted to enjoy the DLC story, but knowing that any quest rewards would be pointless unless I was in Mayhem 10, I felt compelled to play in this mode, orbs, spinny beams and invulnerabilities et al.

Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy the experience. It’s not that it’s hard, Recursion with TTB is still an IWIN button in mobbing situations, and I didn’t get as far as picking up any of the new DLC weapons, the old favourites, Recursion, OPQ and Yellowcake still seemed to get the job done even though they were all level 57 M10 variants. It’s just that all the spinny wizzy ■■■■ that is Mayhem just spoils the game for me.

I realise that Mayhem is GB’s big new thing for the game and it isn’t going to go away, but for the love of God give us some modifiers that make the game harder but that have a more vanilla Borderlands feel.

Some examples would be:

  • All enemies have shields
    Random Reinforcements
    Enemies sometimes respawn on death
    More Badasses
    Enemies with multiple health bars/extra health

Even the much-hated enemies have extra projectiles was better IMO than any of the crap that just creates visual clutter or totally invalidates your build choices.

Anyway rant over, I’m off to play ANNO 1800 and calm down :slight_smile: