A bug with ISIC

Used ISICs ulti to make some damage, but when Ghalt used his hook to pull me the ulti was over (what’s just normal) and I still was as slow as ISIC is when he uses his ulti.
After 10 seconds the game was over and I didn’t find a way to end this bug (maybe it ends by using another skill).

Ah thats a Weird one. I didnt encounter many Ghalts yet (not many people unlocked him I guess), but I do play a lot of Isic.
Ill try this out if I encounter one in pvp and post here if i get the same bug.

Just started playing him, maybe it happens again :smiley:

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I’ve also experienced some bugs with ISIC that i’ve been meaning to mention, i screen saved it on my ps4 as well. But twice with ISIC i have insta died from montanna’s charge ability, I wasn’t sure whether it was him hacking, a bug with montanna or a bug with ISIC but twice he charged me at full health and the death reader would state he dealth over 3k damage with that ability alone in less than probably 3 seconds of interaction with montanna. It almost cost me the game since it happened in key fight, however I barely managed to win since it was tied but our team had a superior score.