A Build for Every Battleborn

So I had this crazy idea right after launch to master every single character and make a build guide for them. I never really thought I’d finish, but yesterday I did it! I always put my builds in the character’s forum but now that I’ve got them all done I figured I put it up here to share for those that may not know about them. Some of these are outdated a bit due to character changes but the general information should still apply to help you get pointed in the right direction. Even though these are labeled as PVP guides, all of these builds will do great in pve with minor or even no changes.

My plan is to go through and update every guide over the next few months so my work is far from done but now that they’re all leveled up and I know their ins and outs the updating process should be muuuuuuch faster.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB6x_4-4tcYNT8Om5RxkDf6c22b9tJMbF

Alani - Revitalizing Surge

Ambra - Raging Furnace

Attikus - Crash n’ Smash

Benedict - Missile Barrage

Boldur - Axe-assin

Caldarius - Blinding Speed

Deande - Fanatical Juggler

El Dragón - KO Rápido

Ernest - Eggcelerated Mayhem

Galilea - Corrupting Onslaught

Ghalt - Chain to Pain


Kelvin - Biting Chill

Kleese - Mortar Strike

Marquis - Peasant Queller

Mellka - Relentless Venom

Miko - Let The Kunai Fly

Montana - Icy hot-Hot-HOT

Orendi - Chaotic Aggression

Oscar Mike - Standard Issue

Pendles - Shadow Prowler

Phoebe - Deadly Dance

Rath - Surprise Helicopter

Reyna - Omen of Death

Shayne & Aurox - Demon Drop

Thorn - Aerial Predator

Toby - Killing With Kindness

Whiskey Foxtrot - Sticky Situation


Wow that’s amazing. I’ve watched a few but hadn’t known there were so many. Aren’t out gonna do Kid Ultra?

I must thank you for your work. I dunno if I would have fallen in love with Toby without getting a basic concept of him through your build

Yeah, I’ll do Kid Ultra when he comes out, but I’m not sure how soon it’ll be. I like to make sure I have a really good grasp on the character when I make a guide and he’s going to be insta-picked for a while I’m sure. PVE or Chaos Rumble won’t really make me good with him for “real” pvp.

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Great job mate.

Diligent content creation is always a great asset to any community.