A Call to Arms: Competitive Practice on Xbox One

My team and I are disappointed with the change back to the old queues, and even more so with the increased widening of the ELO ranges used for matchmaking, when the old ranges already had issues.

So if anybody has a team they play with regularly, and believe they have the chops to play in a competitive setting, with drafts and bans, please post below or add me on Xbox Live. My gamertag is: Zenr4ge.

We’re mainly looking to play Incursion on Overgrowth, but would also be open to play Meltdown on Paradise.

I’m unsure if we would have any restricted gear, but would be open to playing with or without Legendary gear, as there is yet to be any standard ruling on the pieces.

Add me on Xbox Live and we can work out any variables and get some scrims rolling.

Got ya moved to the X1 co op category.
Best of luck!

there have been plenty of tournaments, and tons of private scrims every day. in not one single reputable match has legendary gear been allowed. the reasons are countless and obvious.

i have actually played in a game with you on my team before. you play a good montana. i recognized your name from here. my team is always looking for a good scrim with people who will actually play by the rules. one tourney had one ban per, while the rest had two per. i personally think you have to have two with certain character balances still being an issue.

as far as the elo matchmaking thing goes, trust me, this is perfect. if you want to play sweaty matches, just do exactly what you’re doing with this post. then you get to choose the time and place that you have to try and play as hard as you can and squad up. being forced into that by matchmaking every single game gets old super fast.

ZEROxFIVExNOSH i tend to play late around 10pm - 12am eastern

Right on, add me and shoot me a message if your tag isn’t recognizable and we’ll set some up.

But really there are only three Legendary pieces, in my opinion, that are too overpowered for competitive play. Two being Alamo 7 Armor and Burning Sunset for granting invulnerability, and Boots of the Brute because it’s slow lasts long enough for it’s internal cooldown to apply another.

Plenty of other MOBAs have gear equivalent to Battleborn’s Legendaries or even better that are a part of competitive play. As I said though, I’m completely fine playing without them.

I’ve played games competitively before, so I know a good scrim is always going to be a better environment for competitive practice, but it’s also nice to be able to get decent practice through matchmaking. As of now, it’s just a place to learn bad habits and pub stomp.

Most games that have competitive play offer two types of queue, similar to the last two before the switch back, that offer skill based matchmaking and a quick play just to focus on personal mechanics.

Some games like Starcraft can rely soley on the game’s internal matchmaking for competitive practice because their division systems and algorthims are that good.