A case for infinite 'Mayhem' levels

I’ve been thinking about what could really add more long term playability to the game, specifically what would keep me playing.

Mayhem 11 difficulty has become rather easy for most builds. Even without good rolls or perfect annoints it’s not much of a challenge anymore. For me this kills a lot of the desire to keep playing to get better rolls and annoints on my weapons or even to try experimenting and fine tuning my build.

It got me thinking about what could be added past Mayhem 11 and it occurred to me having additional small increases in difficulty levels above M11 that were infinite. The difference between these ‘Infinity’ levels and Mayhem levels is that they would be much smaller, say 5% or 10% more enemy health/shield/armor per level. Importantly all your gear remains at Mayhem 10 and no extra damage scaling or loot quality increases occur.

Ideally I would love to see them add a huge Digistruct Peak like map as a final DLC. Much like in BL2 it would have multiple sections with different enemy types and would have to be completed (with no respawns) to unlock the next OP/Infinity level (again, each level is that 5 to 10% higher than the one before it). This could provide a reason to really try to optimize your build and gear to see just how high a level you can reach with your build and provide an endless challenge for those that want it.

Also, a benefit all your gear maxing out at M10 levels is you can drop down to whatever Infinity level you have unlocked when you want to play casually without having the issue of all your gear being over powered like the Mayhem system. This allows you to pick your perfect difficulty level without getting locked in to a maximum level.


Had the idea of unlimited difficulty increases back in the M4 days…

They still gave us this M2.0 crap…