A challenge to top these ridiculous feats

Sometimes late at night, we get bored. Usually when we play against guys that perhaps are new or are not the greatest, we just kill the sentries as fast as possible and move on. Six or so games later of the same thing and we start to get pretty creative.

Please post videos of some crazy combos you have been able to pull off, or ridiculous kills. Knocking people off of any ledge to their death is very welcome as well. We have been trying to pull of getting as much of a team to double thrall on overgrowth and luring them as close to the edge as possible to be team wiped by reyna’s bubble, but we have not yet managed this. Here are some of the better things we have been able to pull off. Credit to some of the footage from friends.
Without further…
This first few were gali pull, into sublimate, into bubble, into mike’s space laser.

now for some cross map black hole to alani bubble to bindle blast


and now from the top rope

kleese chair slam

big daddy atti

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You’ll find plenty of simple kills on the shenanigans thread


How have I not known that you are HellaAverage?
I don’t think I can top those but here are a couple of my highlights.

Concussive charge ftw

No way out!

I’m not him, just play with him. That gali quick melee was fantastic

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Oh okay.
Thanks! I was pretty proud of that one myself. You don’t see a lot of shield bashing from most gally players.

This is basically half the shenanigans thread, quick melee, skills with knockback, Reyna’s bubble, even Benedict’s knocoback on Liftoff. Feel free to post your videos there, RayLightning shared the link.